Targeted phishing scam nets $438K in crypto and NFTs from hacked Beeple account

Targeted phishing scam nets $438K in crypto and NFTs from hacked Beeple account

Links posted to a fake Louis Vuitton non-fungible token (NFT) raffle were made to capitalize on a recent real collaboration between Beeple and the luxury fashion brand. Digital artist and popular non-fungible token (NFT) creator Mike Winkelmann, more commonly known as Beeple, had his Twitter account hacked on Sunday, May 22 as part of a phishing scam.Harry Denley, a Security Analyst at MetaMask, alerted users that Beeple’s tweets at the time containing a link to a raffle of a Louis Vuitton NFT collaboration were in fact a phishing scam that would drain the crypto out of users' wallets if....

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