Tidal to Launch Balancer LBP Following 500x Oversubscribed Polkastarter IDO

Tidal to Launch Balancer LBP Following 500x Oversubscribed Polkastarter IDO

PRESS RELEASE. Tidal Finance, a high-yield insurance platform, offers the ability to hedge against the failure of a DeFi protocol or asset. While reinventing the way decentralized insurance works, Tidal Finance plans to attract participation from the community through a Balancer liquidity bootstrapping pool on 25th March. The Tidal IDO on Polkastarter was oversubscribed by 500 times garnering massive support from the community. Backed by KR1, Hypersphere Ventures, Spartan Capital, Kenetic Capital, QCP Capital and AU21 Capital, Tidal Finance integrates its decentralized smart cover....

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