Decentralized Video Platform Theta Hosting Hackathon With $85k up For Grabs

Decentralized Video Platform Theta Hosting Hackathon With $85k up For Grabs

Decentralized video streaming service Theta Network will host a three-month-long hackathon starting next week to develop innovations on the platform. “Join us in building products, integrations and tools for the Theta ecosystem to decentralize video infrastructure worldwide!” The Theta Network requests that programmers submit apps, SDKs, or protocols to improve its use case, functionality, and […]

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Theta Labs Launches Its Blockchain Video Delivery Platform in Beta

Theta Labs says it plans to democratize content delivery with its decentralized video platform.

Is Theta worth the hype? Theta price volatile ahead of mainnet launch

Following the delay of Theta’s Mainnet 3.0 launch, the token dipped by 25%, but what drives the lively price action of Theta? There’s no denying the fact that Theta is one of the most discussed cryptocurrency projects on the market in 2021, so much so that the Theta token has already made its way into the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies by overall market capitalization, in what feels like almost no time at all.In its most basic sense, Theta can be thought of as a decentralized video streaming platform that has been built using a blockchain framework. The platform seeks to mitigate many of....

Theta blockchain launches first decentralized exchange dubbed ThetaSwap

Blockchain-based video streaming network Theta now has its own decentralized exchange. Theta (THETA) has launched ThetaSwap, the blockchain’s first decentralized exchange platform, according to an announcement issued on Friday.ThetaSwap v1 users will reportedly be able to swap Theta-based TNT-20 tokens in much the same way as is the case for automated market maker services like Uniswap and SushiSwap for ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum chain.With the launch of ThetaSwap v1, the project says it is hopeful that users will become incentivized to interact with the TNT-20 token standard.Apart from....

Theta Network's token enters top-10 cryptos by market capitalization

The Theta Network’s native token continues to hit new all-time highs. THETA, the native token of the Theta Network — a decentralized blockchain-based video delivery network — has entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.On March 23, THETA overtook Chainlink (LINK) as the 10th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at nearly $11.5 billion, according to data from CoinGecko. At publishing time, LINK’s market cap amounts to $11.2 billion.Source: CoinGeckoTHETA has seen propelled growth recently, gaining 70% over the past seven days and hitting new historical highs.....

Why THETA price is up 180% in two weeks, outperforming even Bitcoin

Theta price gained 180% in merely two weeks as several highly-anticipated announcements were behind the rally. The Theta Network is a protocol that enables users to watch digital content, like esports, using the blockchain. The protocol’s native token THETA rose by 180% from $0.867 to $1.92 within two weeks between Dec. 20 and Jan. 2 to outperform even Bitcoin (BTC), which continues to soar to new price discovery highs.THETA/USDT 1-day candle chart (Binance). Source: TradingView.comTheta Mainnet 3.0 roadmap was the main catalystTypically, the native tokens of blockchain protocols tend to....