Bitcoin Whales Kept Accumulating During Monday’s Crash

Bitcoin Whales Kept Accumulating During Monday’s Crash

Larger investors, or whales look to have reacted differently than retail investors amid this week's bitcoin price drop.

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Whales are accumulating Bitcoin again, as per the data released by CryptoQuant that shows deeply negative BTC netflow. Yesterday, BTC dropped below $30k for the first time since the start of the year, but it quickly rebounded to around $32k. Signs That Show Rising Bitcoin Accumulation The “sign” to focus on here is BTC netflow […]

Bitcoin Whales Buy Dip, Addresses Now At Pre-Crash Levels

On-chain data shows the Bitcoin whales have been buying the dip, as their addresses have surged back towards pre-crash levels again. Bitcoin Whales Have Fully Recovered To Their Pre-Crash Number As pointed out by an analyst in a post on X, the whales appear to have been accumulating recently. The relevant indicator here is the “whale address count,” which measures the total number of Bitcoin addresses that hold at least 1,000 BTC and at most 10,000 BTC. At the current exchange rate, this range converts to approximately $26 million at the lower bound and $260 million at the....

Ethereum Whales Ready For Next Leg-Up After Buying 56,000 ETH

Following the crypto market crash last week, Ethereum whales look to be gearing up for a recovery as they accumulate ETH. This accumulation trend is very telling of what these large investors expect the market to do next, which could serve as an indication of what’s to come. Ethereum Whales Buy Over 56,000 ETH On Thursday, the on-chain data tracker Lookonchain took to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal the activities of Ethereum whales over the last week. The post shed light on the sentiment among these large holders and showed their expectations for the digital asset. Related Reading: Which....

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Ethereum Whales Quietly Filled Up On ETH While Broader Market Panicked

Ethereum crumbled with the market during the last crash and is yet to recover to previous levels. The crash was characterized by sell-offs and liquidations from all angles, which continued even when the price dumped further. Fear of a bear market sparked this as investors wanted to get out before the price fell further. But not everyone followed this trend of dumping. Whales have always been known to move differently from smaller investors when it comes to the crypto market and this time was no different. While investors panic sold their holdings at low prices, these whales quietly gobbled....