Sifchain Rolls Out the Latest Peggy 2.0 Update

Sifchain Rolls Out the Latest Peggy 2.0 Update

Sifchain, the omni-chain DEX platform connected to the Cosmos network, recently rolled out the 2.0 update for its signature product Peggy. Peggy is a two-way bridge that connects Sifchain to the Ethereum network and enables a seamless flow of assets between the chains. Now that Sifchain is connected to the Cosmos network, Peggy also facilitates the transfer of assets from Ethereum to any of the chains connected to Cosmos. This innovative project gained significant traction from the market, and capitalizing on this success, Peggy has now rolled out the new and improved Peggy 2.0. This....

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AscendEX is thrilled to announce the listing of the SifChain token (ROWAN) under the pair USDT/ROWAN on Aug 24 at 1 p.m. UTC. In celebration of its latest listing, AscendEX will join together with the team at SifChain to launch two limited-time promotional events, running from Aug 24, 1:00 p.m. UTC to Aug 31, 12:00 […]

This Low-Cap DEX Altcoin Balloons 47% In The Face Of Crypto Market Stagnation

And everybody was saying keep an eye on this specific Altcoin and yes — Sifchain – and they were right.  Sifchain (EROWAN), a low-cap DeFi altcoin, skyrockets by 47% in the wake of the staleness in the general crypto markets. EROWAN has bounced from a low $0.114 on April 23 and is currently at $0.168. Suggested Reading | What’s In A Name? Ethereum Domain Name Sales Climb 2,300% What is Sifchain (EROWAN)? At the 271st level of all cryptocurrencies, SifChain has been on its seven-day high streak at 47%. SifChain is now at a price point that is above resistance; it may be nearing....

Sifchain Partners with Nervos as Part of Omni-EVM Movement

Sifchain is committed to creating a blockchain and cryptocurrency world where any asset across the globe can move freely between different blockchains and do so quickly and at the cheapest price possible. Thanks to the project’s new partnership with Nervos, that reality is getting closer and closer. The Nervos Network aims to create an all-encompassing build architecture that allows dApp developers to build once and reach all of the users, everywhere. What the Partnership between Sifchain and Nervos Means for Blockchain Users If there is one thing that has become an absolute certainty over....

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Open-source Bitcoin and Lightning Network node developer Umbrel has released an update including multiple sovereignty-enhancing features. The post Latest Umbrel Update Further Improves Bitcoin Privacy, Self-Sovereignty appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

OpenBazaar Releases its Latest Feature Rich Update

Openbazaar, the decentralized marketplace over blockchain has released the latest update, adding new features and bug fixes. OpenBazaar, the decentralized marketplace built using blockchain technology has launched its latest version. The launch of OpenBazaar version 1.1.8 was announced earlier today on the platform’s official blog. According to the blog post, the latest update has lots of new features for the benefit of vendors on the platform. The new version also features few code improvements and bug fixes. A long list of changes made to the platform in its latest release includes a....