KuCoin Is Hiring Metaverse Engineer, Job Posting Revealed

KuCoin Is Hiring Metaverse Engineer, Job Posting Revealed

The global KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has posted a job opening for a Metaverse Engineer, seeking to find a highly qualified specialist. The job posting includes a long list of prerequisites, outlining the future scope of work for the candidate, indicating the potential direction for KuCoin’s development in blockchain and metaverse space. Among the responsibilities that […]

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KuCoin Labs Supports Metaverse Projects With $100 Million Fund

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has ventured into the Metaverse. Its investment and research arm KuCoin Labs on Wednesday announced the launch of “KuCoin Metaverse Fund”. It plans to support early-stage Metaverse projects with $100 million. The fund will also go towards supporting and incubating other startups in the GameFi, non-fungible tokens (NFT), and decentralized infrastructure spaces. KuCoin will […]

KuCoin Launches First-Ever Metaverse Trading Section For GameFi Trading

KuCoin takes the lead in metaverse market fast-tracking as it launched a dedicated metaverse trading section on its official website amidst the ongoing NFT craze. The global KuCoin exchange has accelerated its integration into the rapidly growing mainstream blockchain-based gaming sector by introducing a specialized section on the trading venue that allows gamers and traders […]

KuCoin launches virtual office in the Bloktopia metaverse

According to the exchange, the meta office will allow users to decorate cyberpunks, interact with virtual furnishings, as well as chat and speak to each other in the virtual environment. Crypto exchange KuCoin has announced it will be opening a virtual office inside the skyscraper from the decentralized metaverse Bloktopia.In a Nov. 2 announcement, KuCoin said it would be joining the metaverse by launching an office inside Bloktopia’s platform, designed as a skyscraper. The virtual building has 21 different levels in recognition of the total supply of 21 million Bitcoin (BTC) and is....

Kucoin Labs Launches $100 Million Metaverse Investment Fund

Kucoin Labs, the investigative and investment arm of Kucoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a $100 million fund to incubate early metaverse related projects. These include blockchain gaming initiatives, NFT platforms, and decentralized platforms, among others. The support will also include direct involvement with the projects selected, including counseling about branding and marketing. Kucoin Invests in Metaverse Kucoin, one of the leading exchanges in Asia, has taken the first step to hop on the metaverse train. The investment and investigation arm of the exchange,....

The future of work: Companies open offices in the metaverse

From online meetings to product demonstrations, companies have been using the metaverse to bring their businesses to the digital world. There’s been a sharp decline in interest for the “metaverse” keyword in Google search. However, while the hype may be waning, it seems that companies are still very keen on dipping their toes into the virtual world.In March alone, companies have either launched or revealed plans to build metaverse offices that would be used for online meetings with international clients, internal innovation hubs and enhancing social communication with users.While we may be....