Institutional Investors Not Slowing Down On Bitcoin, Here’s How Much They Own

Institutional Investors Not Slowing Down On Bitcoin, Here’s How Much They Own

Bitcoin investment by institutions is now a common occurrence. This was not so in the previous years. Institutional investors have been investing in cryptos for a while. But mostly at a conversation rate. 2020 changed all of that. The bull that started in 2020 saw more institutional money coming into the market. Predictions pointed towards […]

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Institutional Investors FOMO For Ethereum Exposure

Ethereum trends show it’s becoming more valuable as ETH 2.0 draws near. Thus, institutional investors are clamoring to get in on the action before it is too late. A signal for this has been ETH Futures have been trading at a higher basis premium than BTC Futures on CME. ETH Futures have continuously traded at a higher rolling basis than BTC Futures for the past three months. This could show that institutional investors are more bullish on ETH’s future in comparison to BTC. But other factors have also led to the ETH Futures trading so high. Related Reading | Ethereum Fee Burns Clocks....

JPMorgan’s Analysis Shows Institutional Investors Moving From Gold ETFs to Bi...

JPMorgan has highlighted evidence of institutional demand for bitcoin and investors moving from gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to the cryptocurrency. The firm points out that bitcoin demand is driven not only by younger retail investors but also by institutional investors, such as family offices and asset managers. Gold ETF Investors Moving to Bitcoin JPMorgan’s Global Markets Strategy team released a report Friday that discusses bitcoin. It also compares the flow trajectories for Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The report reads: Corporate....

The institutional herd is here: Bitcoin volume on CME, LMAX hits new records

The institutional herd has arrived to the Bitcoin market as institutional platforms see record-high volume. The daily volume of the CME Bitcoin (BTC) futures market and LMAX achieved a new all-time high on Jan. 4. The data show that the institutional demand for BTC is rapidly surging as major public funds continue to accumulate.Institutional appetite for Bitcoin is acceleratingAccording to analysts at Arcane Research, the daily volume of LMAX Digital reached a record-high at $2.62 billion. Bitcoin daily volume on LMAX Digital. Source: Arcane ResearchLMAX is a trading platform that tailors....

This Ethereum Startup Is Building a ‘DeFi Firewall’ for Institutional Investors

How risky do you like it? Wallet shop Trustology is launching a "DeFi Firewall" to help institutional investors dabble in decentralized finance.

Here’s One Key Reason Why This Bitcoin Uptrend Differs from Previous Ones

It has been a turbulent past few days for Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market, with bulls primarily controlling the cryptocurrency. Bears have gained some ground today, however, as the recent rejection at $13,800 has sparked a somewhat intense selloff that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. This downtrend has been perpetuated by strength […]