US Navy Commissions $1.5M Blockchain System for Tracking Critical Weaponry

US Navy Commissions $1.5M Blockchain System for Tracking Critical Weaponry

Blockchain firm SIMBA Chain won a contract to build a system to anticipate demand for "critical" military weaponry parts.

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SIMBA Chain has been tapped to beef up the supply chain of the United States Navy after receiving a $1.5 million research grant. SIMBA Chain, a cloud-based smart contract platform, has been tasked with revamping the supply chain of the United States military after it received a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Office of Navy Research. The project will be responsible for developing a blockchain-based solution to enable demand sensing for critical military weaponry parts. Demand sensing is a forecasting technique used in supply chain logistics that processes information in real-time to....

Bitcoin Battleships

Bitcoin has been identified by the US Navy as a force for supreme evil, it has emerged. A Broad Agency Announcement project for Navy Engineering Logistics Office of the Department of the Navy is currently being bid for by interested parties. Among the parts of the project appear these two sections: “R3861 Counter Threat Finance” and “R3830 Methods and Means to Systematically Discern and Display ‘Precursors of Instability’ In the Dark Web.” Quite a mouthful, but the message is serious, for among the ‘keywords’ mentioned in the brief is “Bitcoin.”

Blockchain could become a part of the US military's strategic weaponry

SIMBA Chain beat competitors such as Boeing by using blockchain to underpin a war games solution for the U.S. Department of Defense. One often hears blockchain in the same breath as security and supply chains. This week, a winning entry to a competition organized by the United States Department of Defense cast both these aspects in a new light.To keep pace with the ever-more technologized battlelines of contemporary warfare, the DoD continues to explore ways to innovate the manufacturing process and supply chain for weaponry and infrastructure in use by the Air Force and avy. The Advanced....

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The game filled with spaceships and new-age weaponry is powered by crypto tokens called Nexium. The gaming industry is slowly moving towards blockchain technology. A majority of blockchain based games in the present-day ecosystem falls into casino and gambling category. Breaking the cycle, Beyond the Void has introduced a truly decentralized Massive Online Battlefield Arena (MOBA) game that allows individuals to be more than just gamers on the platform. The game filled with spaceships and new-age weaponry is powered by crypto tokens called Nexium. The Nexium tokens, currently available at....