Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Price Falls, Blunders, and More

Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Price Falls, Blunders, and More

For the last few weeks, the Bitcoin price has been on a high following bad financial news from Greece and China. Greece once again found itself staring down the barrel of a debt crisis, while China found itself in the clutches of a stock market collapse. The Bitcoin community met these ominous occurrences with optimism; the next global recession will surely give Bitcoin an opportunity to shine. The possibility of a global recession, combined with the hopes of a mass migration to Bitcoin, sent the Bitcoin price upwards until it hit resistance at $300 last week. Since then, the price has....

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Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Factom Lies, Bitcoin Price Falls on Christmas

We saw some interesting activity in the Bitcoin markets this week. During the first half of the week, we saw a run-up to $460, followed by a few days that made us think that $460 might be a new sticking point in the market. Those notions were dashed during the latter half of the week though, as the price starting falling on Christmas night, hitting a low of $407. A late-week recovery brought the price back up, though, and overall we saw a 2.63% decline over the entire week. Total Change: -2.63%

Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Central Banking Against Bitcoin, Bears Take the Market?

This week, the bears tested the bulls’ control over the market, attempting to shake them on Sunday. The bitcoin price just barely made a gain during the week after the massive drop on Sunday from the $460s into the $430s. Overall, the price increased by 0.61%. The week began on December 14, 2015 with the bitcoin price at $436.35, still riding the rally that kicked off last week. The markets saw some gradual growth during the first half of the day; by noon, the price had climbed into the mid $440s. It took a dip going into the afternoon, though, falling to $439 at 5 PM. As the evening....

Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Classic Gaining Steam

This past week saw a lot of hot news stories coming from the Bitcoin community and the organizations powering the growth of the ecosystem. Bitcoin Classic appeared in the news a few times throughout the week, reminding us that the block size debate is far from over. In terms of price, not much happened at the macro level. Hardly any change took place between the open and close of the week, with the price falling less than one percent in total. However, the day-to-day activity certainly gave traders a lot to be excited about, with a lot of big declines and welcome gains. Total Change: -0.10%

Bitcoin Hash Rate Jumps To Sky As BTC Falls Below $25k

Hash rate plays a vital role in every Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain. It measures the computational drive for all transaction verification and block additions to the network. Hence, the Bitcoin hash rate represents the number of people involved in BTC mining. As the number of miners increases, the hash rate will also increase. This results in maintaining the security and stability of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Many investors will consider hash rates before engaging in any project. Before now, the BTC price and hash rate have maintained a direct proportionality relation. This is because there.... Buys Bitcoin App ZeroBlock

The folks over at have acquired bitcoin price application ZeroBlock (LLC), as noted in an announcement this Christmas Eve. The mobile application (available on both Android and iOS) provides the end user with the latest news, price quotes, and more. Dan Held, ZeroBlock's developer, will be joining the team as a product manager, as part of the acquisition. It being the most-viewed bitcoin application on the Apple App Store, it's easy to see's interest in the app. say that the acquisition of the app is part of their "very....