Will Bitcoin Rise Through the End of the Year?

Will Bitcoin Rise Through the End of the Year?

2015 has not been a year without its hurdles. Bitcoin enthusiasts have encountered several scares over the last several months, regularly witnessing their favorite digital coin drop and fluctuate to the point that our mental states seemed to heading into very fragile territory. The year began on an unsteady path when in January, Bitcoin dropped into the $170 range. This sent fear and panic swerving through our spines, and naturally, we couldn’t get a full break after the occurrence. Eight months later, Bitcoin took another nasty fall, hitting $198 and causing everyone to sweat and consider....

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Bitcoin fell sharply on Monday and continued declining into the early Tuesday session as traders feared its excessive valuations after a 100 percent rise this year.

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The bitcoin market is likely to take a breather before continuing its rise toward $20,000 the end of the year, analysts told CoinDesk.

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