The Bitcoin Association Announces the Appointment of Gregory L. Simon as New President

The Bitcoin Association Announces the Appointment of Gregory L. Simon as New President

The Bitcoin Association today announced the appointment of Gregory Simon, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, as its new president. Simon is one of the founding members of the organization and succeeds Bruce Fenton, who has recently accepted the position of Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

The Bitcoin Association is a not-for-profit group focused on increasing adoption of Bitcoin and related technologies through education and engagement with citizens, media and regulators. It operates with the philosophy that Bitcoin, which is a digital currency based on blockchain technology, may be transformative and disruptive with potential to help create jobs, drive positive economic growth, lift the poor from poverty and propel developed economies.

"I strongly believe in the potential for Bitcoin and blockchain distributed ledger technology to bring greater transparency and fairness to our society beyond just currency and financial markets," said Simon.

Simon is a former international investment banker turned blockchain technology entrepreneur. He also holds a Columbia Business School MBA. is the creator of RibbitRewards™, the world's first rewards program based on blockchain technology and with its own marketplace.

"I turn over the reins of the Bitcoin Association to Greg with great confidence," said Fenton. "His passion for the technology and leadership skills will result in continuing our efforts to build a strong organization and increasing membership."

Fenton will remain with the organization as a member of the advisory board and added, "I'm happy to help Greg and the team on an ongoing basis personally or in my new role at the Bitcoin Foundation."

When asked about his immediate goals as Bitcoin Association President, Simon explained that over the coming months he will be leading an exploratory effort to reach out to the community as well as other existing advocacy organizations with three priorities: Determine where there may be a community need not being adequately met, where possible establish channels of collaboration with other existing advocacy organizations and determine how to structure the Bitcoin Association in the most decentralized and transparent way possible to achieve its goals. 

Under Simon's leadership, the Bitcoin Association plans to embark down a path to unify and represent all distributed ledger solution groups, from blockchains and beyond.

To get involved or for more information about the Bitcoin Association, visit the Web site

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