Jason Brailow's Bitcoin Project Receives $5 Million

Jason Brailow's Bitcoin Project Receives $5 Million

Advanced Global Concepts' entry into the lucrative Bitcoin market recently a won a vote of confidence from New York's private equity scene when it received first round financing of $5 million.

Under the leadership of founder and CEO Jason Brailow, Advanced Global Concepts is building a technologically advanced, high performance exchange that will set the standard for the increasingly important Bitcoin market. The exchange will count many of the world's most active and influential banks, brokerages, hedge funds, trading firms, and foreign exchange dealers among its client base.

In order to achieve the industry-leading levels of stability and security that professional traders are demanding as Bitcoins continue to take a more prominent role in the world monetary markets, Advanced Global Concepts is constructing its own robust trading engine from the ground up.

Jason Brailow further explains,

"The Advanced Global Concepts system will include partners from the leading global financial services firms, which will enable them to run their own exchanges and offer Bitcoin trading to their customers."

This project will allow the company and its partners to participate in and profit from the rapidly growing Bitcoin market, which some analysts are already labeling as a "disruptor" for the world's traditional currencies.

The financial services sector is where the Bitcoin market will have its greatest effect. According to some estimates, payment systems may see as much as 20 percent of their volume go to Bitcoins. To put this in perspective, in the U.S. economy that would amount to as much as $3.4 trillion dollars. Along with its exchange, the team at Advanced Global Concepts has developed what will be the safest and most secure place to store Bitcoins with monumentally innovating security protocols to protect against the risk of attacks.

The acceptance and growth of Bitcoins is clearly apparent in the financial world today. Not only are Bitcoins shaking up the currency world, they are having a huge impact on what would be considered traditional consumer and business transactions. Systems that allow employers to pay their staff in Bitcoins are being launched and mobile wallets that allow shoppers to pay with Bitcoins are available for all the major mobile operating systems. This is vividly apparent when charting the number of daily Bitcoin transactions. Only two years ago the number was below 10,000 per day, today the figure is often above 90,000 per day.

With a wide-ranging background in business and technology startups, Jason Brailow brings the ideal skill set to the research, development, building, and launch of Advanced Global Concepts' Bitcoin exchange and storage project. He also knows what it takes to be successful in today's hyper-competitive global marketplace. One of his earlier projects, a direct marketing company, quickly gained an international reputation and shot up to number 184 on the Inc. 500 list.

To learn more about Jason Brailow, visit: http://www.JasonBrailowNews.com/

Jason Brailow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/JasonBrailowUT

Jason Brailow on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jbrailow

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