The World’s 1st Movie Profit Share Crypto Currency

The World’s 1st Movie Profit Share Crypto Currency

Jason Attar has started the release of a film profit share cryptographic currency using the Bitcoin blockchain, to fund his new UK independent film.

After making a multi award-winning comedy feature film One Night In Powder, set in London in 2013, the production team One Light Productions are now embarking on a new project and a completely new way of funding a film. The film's producers are making a 25% profit share available as 25 billion cryptographic Kevcoins.

This new profit share movie, Powder’s Peckham, is being shot in 35 days and will be delivered to London’s biggest independent cinema, PeckhamPlex, on 20th April 2016 for its premier. The film will feature people that rock ‘n’ roll - ex roadie Kevin Powder, (played by Jason Attar) has met off the street and integrates into the story of the film. Powder’s Peckham is about Kevin’s journey to make a Sci Fi epic ‘The Day Peckham Stood Still’ with the new collaborators he meets. The film is being shot in Peckham South-East London.

During the production and delivery of the film (over the next four weeks), we are issuing 25 billion Kevcoins. This crypto token currency is a profit share in the movie built on the Bitcoin blockchain. We believe this is funding structure is the first time this has ever happened. We will integrate the story of the Kevcoin release and the subsequent funds raised into the feature film. The value of the coins has been set at 1 BTC per 500 million Kevcoins. Owners of the Kevcoins will be updated as to the progress of the feature film and any future profits that may come from it. The Kevcoin can be traded, or kept as a profit share agreement between the purchaser and the producers of the film. Whoever owns Kevcoin will hopefully share in the profits of the movie.

The coins are available to buy with the most popular crypto currency’s on

Here is a short film that explains what the Kevcoin is all about:

Jason Attar who plays Kevin Powder has been performing improvised comedy for twenty years. He has won several awards both for short form comedy and feature length films. He sees this crypto launch as a brilliant way for people to get involved and back film projects using the blockchain and crypto.

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