KryptoKit Unveils World's First Secure, Instant Bitcoin Wallet in a Browser

KryptoKit Unveils World's First Secure, Instant Bitcoin Wallet in a Browser

INSIDE BITCOINS, LAS VEGAS - KryptoKit (, the easiest and fastest way to handle Bitcoin transactions, today debuted the world's first Google Chrome extension instant Bitcoin wallet and secure payment system. The implementation of a Bitcoin wallet directly into a web browser has been touted as the holy grail for Bitcoin mass adoption, and today KryptoKit delivers a set of tools that dramatically simplify Bitcoin transactions.

KryptoKit offers the fastest Bitcoin wallet setup and simplest Bitcoin payments, integrated into a secure Bitcoin platform where all user data is stored client-side and never sent to any remote servers. KryptoKit does not know user passwords or private keys, nor does it have access to customer funds or Bitcoins.

Available for free on the Google Chrome Web Store, and with code that is visible for all to audit, KryptoKit installs immediately, generating a brand new Bitcoin wallet in a matter of seconds. Removing the need for passwords or user credentials during setup, one simply moves the mouse around the screen until a new public and private key-pair appears. The mouse coordinates coupled with a random character generator create a new Bitcoin wallet instantly.

"It's always been our goal to create an instant Bitcoin wallet system that removes much of the friction associated with current web and software wallets," says Anthony Di Iorio, who along with Steven Dakh founded the Toronto-based company. "With the demise of the popular Instawallet earlier this year, we knew there was a need for a fast Bitcoin wallet system, and we have been eager to fill the void."

Using the provided embedded QR code or deposit address, the KryptoKit wallet can be easily funded from any other web or software wallet. Deposits appear instantly and no confirmations are required to initiate outgoing transactions. The real genius of the system is unveiled when making Bitcoin payments as KryptoKit crawls the users screen (webpage) for any Bitcoin addresses and places them in a bulleted list directly in the wallet window. The user simply selects the address they wish to make a payment to, enters the amount, and hits send. No more copying and pasting addresses and no more moving back and forth between tabs to your web wallet. KryptoKit is the easiest and fastest way to make Bitcoin payments, including the automation of entering payment destination addresses.

Along with the Bitcoin wallet, packaged in the launch today of KryptoKit is an easy to use, secure and private messaging system. Utilizing GPG encryption (the open-source version of PGP), this easy-to-setup system makes sending encrypted messages to your friends a breeze, with new message notifications appearing directly in the extension icon.

KryptoKit is exhibiting at Inside Bitcoins in Las Vegas, December 10-11. Attendees are encouraged to drop by the booth, see KryptoKit in action and explore the additional features of this payment and communication systems. Features such as one-click backup of KryptoKit data, and a brain wallet that allows users to access their Bitcoin wallet anywhere in the world without carrying any backup files.

About KryptoKit

KryptoKit is a Toronto-based company specializing in encryption and digital currencies. Founder Anthony Di Iorio is the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and founder of the Toronto Bitcoin Community Meetup. Co-founder Steven Dakh is from New Jersey, and has been developing using multiple platforms since age six. Steven has been heavily involved with Bitcoin development since 2011.


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