KryptoKit Unveils First 'Two-Click' Bitcoin Shopping Directory, Complete With BitPay Integration

KryptoKit Unveils First 'Two-Click' Bitcoin Shopping Directory, Complete With BitPay Integration

KryptoKit (, the easiest and fastest way to handle Bitcoin transactions, today unveiled its new KryptoDirectory, a one-stop shopping directory for Bitcoin users that incorporates BitPay (, the world's largest Bitcoin payment processor. The announcement was made at the first North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Jan. 24 through 26.

KryptoKit's directory assembles the Internet's online retailers and vendors that accept bitcoins -- such as TigerDirect and Gyft, among hundreds of others -- into one, easy-to-use tab inside KryptoKit's Bitcoin wallet for Google Chrome. Partnering with BitPay ensures that the directory works with every country in the world with payouts in native currencies and no charge-backs.

"As Bitcoin becomes more universally known and accepted as currency, we saw a clear need to have a single, clean and easy to use resource for finding businesses that welcome cryptocurrency," said Anthony Di Iorio, the company's co-founder along with Steve Dakh. "KryptoKit will roll out more BitPay merchant sites in the upcoming weeks."

Shoppers simply surf over to any online merchant that accepts Bitcoins. The extension automatically sniffs out the Bitcoin addresses for each item from the site and inserts them into the wallet, making them into a list of payment options. All the user needs to do is simply click on what he or she wants to purchase and hit send, eliminating the usual annoyance and inconvenience that comes from having to copy and paste information as part of a Bitcoin purchase.

The wallet currently has a five-star rating in the Chrome Web Store and can be downloaded for free. KryptoKit has future plans to integrate with other major Bitcoin and digital currency processors in the coming months.

About KryptoKit

KryptoKit is a Toronto-based company specializing in encryption and digital currencies. The company's founder, Anthony Di Lorio, is also the founder of Toronto's Bitcoin Meetup community and the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (, a non-profit dedicated to raising the awareness of bitcoins among Canadian consumers, merchants and policy makers to promote the adoption of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

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