ziftrCOIN Now Accepting Dollars for Presale Cryptocurrency

ziftrCOIN Now Accepting Dollars for Presale Cryptocurrency

New Hampshire-based cryptocurrency startup ziftrCOIN today announced that it is accepting US dollars in the form of personal checks for its tokens for the remainder of the ziftrCOIN presale, which runs until Jan. 23, or sooner if the coins run out.

"We think this move makes perfect sense since ziftrCOINs are meant to onboard the next 10 million cryptocurrency users, many of whom have never actually used cryptocurrency until now," said Bob Wilkins, CEO of ziftrCOIN. "By giving people the opportunity to buy ziftrCOINs with US dollars instead of Bitcoins if they so choose, we're simplifying the purchase process for millions of people who are currently unfamiliar with cryptocurrency but interested in starting to use it as a method of payment."

ziftrCOINs will still be available in exchange for Bitcoins, but presale participants will have the option of sending a check for orders of $250 or more. As of press time, nearly $675,000 of ziftrCOINs have been purchased.

The money raised during the ziftrCOIN presale will help Ziftr, the company behind ziftrCOIN, fund its goal of bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream for both consumers and retailers. To accomplish this goal, Ziftr has developed a suite of tools and applications designed to integrate with Bitcoin, ziftrCOIN, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other popular altcoins. These include ziftrPAY, a secure API that enables retailers to accept cryptocurrency and credit card payments; ziftrWALLET, a multicoin digital wallet; and ziftrSHOP, a worldwide online marketplace where consumers will be able to conduct transactions using credit cards or cryptocurrency.

During the ziftrCOIN presale, participants can buy ziftrCOINs at a low rate and earn rewards ranging from a limited-edition cold storage coin to 5 percent bonus ziftrCOINs. All purchased ziftrCOINs will become available for use in February 2015. Then, in late 2015, Ziftr will give away 300 million ziftrCOINs (a maximum of 100 ziftrCOINs to each individual) so that consumers who aren't familiar with cryptocurrency can become comfortable with it as a method of payment. Each ziftrCOIN will have a minimum redemption value of $1 when used within Ziftr's retailer network, functioning similarly to a coupon.

To participate in the ziftrCOIN presale, visit http://www.ziftrCOIN.com/presale

To purchase ziftrCOINs via check, please visit https://www.ziftrcoin.com/presale/?with-cash

About ziftrCOIN™

ziftrCOIN, the first digital currency developed for online shoppers, aims to revolutionize e-commerce by putting cryptocurrency into the hands of consumers and enabling them to conduct simple, secure transactions at their favorite online retailers.

For more information about ziftrCOIN, visit http://www.ziftrCOIN.com/

About ziftrPAY™

ziftrPAY is a computer application software that connects credit card processors and cryptocurrency exchanges with retailers to facilitate the processing of consumer transactions. ziftrPAY enables retailers to accept both cryptocurrency and credit card payments without having to view or store the customer's credit card information.

For more information about ziftrPAY, visit http://www.ziftr.com/retailers/

About ziftrWALLET™

ziftrWALLET Mobile, the first multicoin digital wallet to combine the security and control of a desktop wallet with the speed and convenience of a cloud wallet, stores multiple cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currency in one secure location. While in Beta mode, ziftrWALLET Mobile works with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, with other popular altcoins like Primecoin, Peercoin, StartCOIN and ziftrCOIN to be added soon.

For more information about ziftrWALLET Mobile, visit http://www.ziftrWALLET.com/

About Ziftr®

Established in 2008 and based in Milford, New Hampshire, Ziftr revolutionizes the online shopping experience through the development of innovative products, tools and apps that make life easier for both consumers and retailers. The company's first tools, a browser add-on and mobile app that connect shoppers with the best deals at their favorite online retailers, have had more than 2.5 million downloads.

Ziftr is a product of myVBO®, a full-service design, marketing and development company that helps businesses turn their ambitions into realities.

For more information about Ziftr, visit http://www.ziftr.com/

All statements in this release, other than statements of historical facts that address future ziftrCOIN availability, or developments that the ziftrCOIN expects are forward looking statements. Although the Corporation believes the expectations expressed in such forward looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those in the forward looking statements. Factors that could cause results to differ materially from those in the forward looking statements include, but are not limited to: market volatility; continued availability of capital, financing and personnel; government regulation and laws; and general economic, market or business conditions.

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