Intelishift Technologies Accepts Bitcoin For Services

Intelishift Technologies Accepts Bitcoin For Services

Intelishift Technologies, a privately held data center services and colocation company, today announced that it now accepts payment in Bitcoin. Colocation providers can now pay for their colocation hosting services using the virtual currency. A peer-to-peer type of payment, users can make transactions using Bitcoin without needing an intermediary, such as PayPal, which can increase costs.

“We find that our data center partners also tend to be early adopters of new technologies,” says Ryan Barbera, CEO of Intelishift.

“This innovative online currency is gaining momentum in the marketplace. By accepting Bitcoin, we can offer our clients another hassle-free option for payment.”

Bitcoin is a “crypto-currency” that was developed as an open-sourced payment solution in 2009, and is now rapidly gaining recognition. Each Bitcoin user gets an account and a number that denotes the holder of the currency. Every user has an encrypted signature that is not transferrable. A wallet, either virtual, software, or online, keeps one’s Bitcoins safe. Although their transactions are made public, Bitcoin achieves privacy by not identifying the owners’ addresses. Customers benefit from this added security. Merchants benefit from accepting Bitcoin as payment because the fees are lower than those associated with credit cards.

“The move by Intelishift to accept Bitcoin is one of many forward-thinking actions the company has taken to improve the client experience,” said Michael Spinosa, CEO of Unleashed Technologies, an Intelishift data center client.

“We are proud to partner with such an innovative company.”

About Intelishift

Intelishift Technologies provides enterprise-grade colocation services to small and medium sized businesses that want the advantages offered by personalized support and evolving, state-of-the-art technologies. The company operates in the best data centers located in Virginia, Northern California, Austin and the Midwest.

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