CloudHashing to Give Away Another Bitcoin Mining Contract on Twitter

CloudHashing to Give Away Another Bitcoin Mining Contract on Twitter

CloudHashing aims to make Bitcoin mining simple, affordable and profitable for clients across the globe. It utilizes an integrated network of mining stations with advanced ASIC technology to give clients a seamless mining experience.

With a Bitcoin mining contract from CloudHashing, miners can grow their Bitcoin wallets easily and efficiently. The company is based in Texas and is a subsidiary of peer-to-peer company PeerNova.

CloudHashing recently hosted the giveaway of one Silver contract valued at $999. Participants were asked to like the company Facebook page to enter. That contest has ended, but CloudHashing is ready to issue another free Silver Contract, this time with an eye toward customers who want to show their support via Twitter.

Company president Lukas Gilkey stated,

“Here at CloudHashing, we don’t just want to create a profitable investment for our customers. We want to contribute to the community that gave us the opportunity to do that. If something as simple as a giveaway can help us achieve that, we’re going to keep spreading the good news.”

The giveaway follows in the footsteps of CloudHashing's previous Silver Bitcoin contract giveaway which concluded on July 11th. CloudHashing will grant one Silver Bitcoin mining contract to one randomly selected Twitter follower. The contract is good for 12 months and is a great opportunity for novices to break into the digital mining sphere and start filling their Bitcoin wallet risk-free. As with the company's previous giveaway, no purchase is necessary to enter or win.

To enter, participants must log in to their Twitter accounts and follow CloudHashing at

Bonus entries will be awarded to participants who purchase a contract during the giveaway period and who notify CloudHashing via email at support(at)cloudhashing(dot)com. Existing followers will get an automatic entry, and new followers simply have to click a button to get their shot at winning the coveted contract.

The CloudHashing staff will pool together all the entries and assign each entry a unique identification number. They will then feed all the entries into a random number generator to select the winner. The winning entry will be announced on CloudHashing's Facebook and Twitter pages on July 31, 2014.

*This giveaway is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

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