Coinzone Offers a Global Bitcoin Payment Gateway with Localization for Europe and Emerging Markets

Coinzone Offers a Global Bitcoin Payment Gateway with Localization for Europe and Emerging Markets

Coinzone has gone live with its website, which highlights the upcoming launch of their payment gateway for Bitcoin. Coinzone focuses on eliminating geographic boundaries while simultaneously creating the best user experience for Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

For more details or to sign up for the private beta release, visit

The Coinzone team has been working with some of the industry’s top legal and professional advisors to build a solution that is fully compliant with various international markets. The goal is to set up a workable approach in the current regulatory environment that will ultimately serve as a long-term solution.

Manuel Heilmann, Coinzone CEO and co-founder, explained why the company is so passionate about assisting international customers with payments, stating,

“Bitcoin will fundamentally change the way people pay in markets where traditional payment systems are less developed. Small and medium sized businesses in Europe and emerging markets often have specific needs. We will address these specific needs, going far beyond just processing payments.”

Manuel Heilmann has extensive international experience and has worked in e-commerce for 13 years. Prior to Coinzone, he served as VP and GM of the MyCommerce Division at Digital River. Other Coinzone co-founders include Radu Georgescu and Diwaker Singh, both of whom possess decades of experience with e-commerce, software and payment companies.

Heilmann added,

“When I traveled to Africa fifteen years ago, many people didn’t have phone lines. Instead of wiring everyone up, they went straight to mobile. As a result, Africa and other emerging markets ended up spearheading innovations like mobile payments. Bitcoin and other digital currencies offer ways to pay or transfer money with a mobile phone or computer. Due to the fact that these solutions circumvent traditional payment systems, they are friction-less, border-free and accessible to everyone. We’re excited to be involved with these technologies, which are more innovative and cutting-edge than most current banking products.”

About Coinzone

Headquartered in both the United States and Europe, the Coinzone team has 70+ years of experience with both international e-commerce and payments. Coinzone’s mission is to provide the best user experience that eliminates the geographic boundaries and complexities of payments by enabling businesses and individuals to easily transact with digital currencies.

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