European Startup Is Leading Regulation to Shape the Future of Bitcoin

European Startup Is Leading Regulation to Shape the Future of Bitcoin

Coinzone is investing in paving the way for a business-friendly environment in Europe by expanding its team with Claudiu Ionescu, a proven expert in compliance, anti fraud and transaction fraud prevention and investigation, as Chief Compliance Officer.

With this new position, Coinzone will focus on developing a strong working relationship with strategic stakeholders as well as government representatives such as EU Commission on ensuring that Bitcoin users are well informed and protected.

Claudiu brings to Coinzone years of experience gathered as Head of AML and Transaction Fraud at a subsidiary of Erste Group.

“We are very excited to announce Claudiu as our new colleague in Coinzone’s Bucharest office. As part of our goal to achieve a wide-spread use and acceptance of Bitcoin in Europe and other markets, we will also play an active role in working with regulators and banks to find a balanced approach to regulate Bitcoin businesses and protect consumers., says Manuel Heilmann, CEO Coinzone.

Coinzone is firmly committed to providing businesses and consumers with the safest and simplest way to use Bitcoin. In line with this commitment, in regards to his new position Claudiu stated,

“Coinzone has assembled an amazing, talented and proven team. Digital currency serves to eliminate the geographical boundaries of payment and that is tremendously exciting to me. I find this to be one of the most challenging moves in my professional career so far and I look forward to focusing on working with regulators and banks to create a healthy regulatory environment that allows European Bitcoin businesses to flourish.”

Claudiu provided compliance and anti fraud support while his last position was Head of AML and Transaction Fraud where he oversaw transaction fraud prevention and investigations. Additional positions included Head of General Investigations and Head of Credit Request Investigations at a subsidiary of Erste Group.

In the new role at Coinzone, Mr. Ionescu will leverage this know-how working with various stakeholders for a balanced approach applying current AML/KYC/CFT rules and further digital currency regulation.

Presently, the Coinzone platform is implemented in more than ten European countries.

For more information on the Coinzone solution and for immediate access to the platform, please visit

About Coinzone

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the Coinzone team has a combined 100+ years of experience with both international e-commerce and payments. Coinzone's mission is to provide the best user experience that eliminates geographic boundaries and complexities of payments by enabling businesses and individuals in Europe and growth markets to easily store and transact digital currencies.


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