HashPlex Opens First HashCenter

HashPlex Opens First HashCenter

HashPlex offers industry-leading bitcoin miner hosting services at the lowest prices.

HashPlex is proud to announce the opening of their first HashCenter. HashPlex has already taken many pieces of customer equipment from early beta customers over the last month and is ready to provide services to all. Unlike cloud-mining outfits, when hosting with HashPlex, customers will always own the hardware and will always have their choice of mining pools--enabling their voice, their vote of hashing power to remain clear and uninterrupted. Join HashPlex in the continuing fight to keep the hashing power of the bitcoin network distributed.

At $99/kw-month, HashPlex offers industry-leading pricing and software services. Most miners will find that they will actually spend less money on the full array of HashPlex's services than on their own power cost alone.

In addition to a healthy supply of electricity, internet, cooling, security, and 24x7 monitoring, HashPlex provides a number of services not available to the individual miner or even offered in a datacenter: automatic reboots on failure, remote management, and mining statistics.

Customers who have mining hardware on order may consider shipping directly from their mining hardware manufacturer to HashPlex to save them time and money. All orders to date have been installed and running on the same day that they arrive.

Those wanting space in HashPlex's first facility should consider reserving it here: https://hashplex.com/shop/1kw-mo-miner-hosting-reservation/

HashPlex has limited availability in its first facility and will do its best to accommodate demand on a first-reserved, first-served basis.

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