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Bull Vs Bear

Bitcoin Press Release: Bull vs Bear – Play the World’s First Bitcoin Tournament.

March 23rd, Curaçao N.V. – Innovative Bitcoin betting game Bull vs Bear is set to put traders in a spin with a new approach to taking advantage of market volatility in a fun, competitive environment.

Bull vs Bear – the World’s First Bitcoin Knockout Tournament

Ziggurat Curacao N.V.’s exciting new strategy game allows crypto traders to compete against each other and where stability, risk and volatility of crypto assets converge. 

Bull vs Bear is a fantastic antidote to the volatility of largely unregulated cryptocurrency markets, which offer multiple risk levels, such as manipulated prices. The transparent bitcoin betting app uses third-party pricing data from Coinbase Pro API at predefined intervals. This provides assurance that the outcome cannot be manipulated. 

How To Play

In real-time, players can monitor leaderboard standings and see whether the most recent games were “Bull” or “Bear”. Crypto players of all levels compete and payouts are determined on the level of risk: more reward goes automatically to those who bet against the crowd. 

The beauty of Bull vs Bear is its simplicity. Traders have a non-exchange outlet for speculating on crypto assets and can engage in fun competitive entertainment without risking big spends upfront. 

Players using the application can try their luck by strategy or betting on Bitcoin’s price movements within a 5-minute timeframe. They have 3 ways to predict Bitcoin’s price rise or fall within that window: go with their gut; use technical analysis or mimic another player.

Winning Payouts

Winning payouts are algorithmically determined during the last millisecond of each betting period. Statistically, players have the chance to win about 50% of the time. Payouts are determined by the appropriate level of risk in each match. The first player to create a winning streak bigger than anyone else’s wins the progressive jackpot. 

Free To Play

The free to play option allows players to trial the application, place predictions, climb the leaderboard and win the jackpot without depositing Bitcoin. Over time players can build up win streaks with their correct predictions and bets. The two-sided market enables player-to-player action in a probability match. The user with the longest winning streak wins the jackpot, enabling competitive and cumulative gameplay. 

Futures Trading

Bull vs Bear also introduces the concept of futures trading, but without requiring actual trading. The unique wagering game lets traders speculate on future price action without the risks of leverage and margin trading. Players who make the leaderboard can link their Twitter profiles in the posted standings, giving greater credibility to leaders who want to attract novices to mimic their wagers. 


Bull vs Bear is currently accepting pre-registrations. New players who refer a friend to the service before launch will receive a 100% first deposit matched bonus up to ₿0.01

Regional Restrictions

Bull vs Bear is not available to citizens and residents of Australia, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, France, St. Maarten, Saba, Statia, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and/or any other jurisdiction where online gambling is illegal are prohibited. 

About Ziggurat Curaçao N.V. 

With a focus on financing and scaling the next generation of e-commerce startups, Ziggurat Curaçao N.V. is registered, authorized and regulated in Curaçao under license number 149402. Bull vs Bear operates under License number 8048/JAZ 2019-03 issued to Antillephone N.V.

Have fun, play responsibly. 

For more information about Bull vs Bear, please visithttps://bullvsbear.to

Follow Bull vs Bear on Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/bullvsbear.to 

Follow Bull vs Bear on Twitter –  https://twitter.com/bullvsbearto 

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