James IV Invitational will be the first Pro-Am Golf Tournament to accept Bitcoin through its strategic partnership with industry leader Bitpay

James IV Invitational will be the first Pro-Am Golf Tournament to accept Bitcoin through its strategic partnership with industry leader Bitpay

The James IV Invitational (JIV) pro-am golf tournament will take place from April 13th – 17th 2014 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and boasts a purse of $625,000. James IV provides a unique sports experience combining top quality luxury and social responsibility into a single top tier event.

The newly formed partnership with Bitpay will further establish James IV Invitational as the most exclusive pro-am golf tournament in the world. In addition to its partnership with BitPay, MRI Tournament Partners has also introduced an array of digital innovations, where both participants and supporters will have a one of a kind, fully customized experience at the tournament.

Tournament participants will have the ability to process payments for registration fees using the digital currency through their website http://www.James4th.com/, as well as their mobile application which will be available for iPhones and Android devices in the spring of 2014.

With 1,000 new merchants signing up each week to accept Bitcoins, the concept of digital currency has become a reality and James IV Invitational has taken it’s first steps in embracing the change.

Kim Futch CEO & Co-Founder of MRITP says

“In today’s financial world, really innovative philanthropy is all about developing concepts that will be sustainable even after the initial giving has taken place. The partnership with Bitpay has shown that MRITP is heading in the right direction to do just that.”


Bitpay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in ecommerce and B2B solutions for Virtual currencies.

Bitpay: http://bitpay.com/


MRI Tournament Partners (MRITP) creates unique luxury sports tournaments for high-end amateur players, combining philanthropy with a professional quality event. These events offer high stakes prizes, and in addition, 10% of the net revenue from every event is donated back to the community, divided between the host community and the winner's community.

MRI Tournament Partners (MRITP): http://mritp.com/
I4 Investment Fund: http://www.i4fund.com/
To register for the event, please visit http://www.james4th.com/

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