Bitnet and Limonetik Allow Merchants and PSPs to Accept Bitcoin

Bitnet and Limonetik Allow Merchants and PSPs to Accept Bitcoin

Bitnet and Limonetik today announce a strategic partnership to allow merchants to accept bitcoin on the Limonetik payment platform.

Bitnet, an enterprise bitcoin payments processor, and Limonetik, a key player in global digital payments infrastructure and a marketplaces solution provider, today announced a strategic partnership. Through this partnership, merchants will be able to accept bitcoin as a payment method on the Limonetik payment platform, regardless of either which country they are in or where they are targeting their business.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows merchants to accept payment from anyone anywhere in the world at low cost and with no chargeback risk. The reach, coupled with the ability to address points of friction in traditional payments networks, has led to a surge in interest in bitcoin in recent years.

The partnership enables Limonetik to add bitcoin to its already impressive portfolio of payment types. Customers of Limonetik – which range from ecommerce merchants to marketplaces to PSPs wishing to offer additional forms of payment – will be able to add bitcoin to their checkout pages quickly and easily. Bitnet will enable Limonetik’s customers to accept payments in bitcoin without being exposed to risk of fraudulent transactions or any volatility in the price of bitcoin. Funding in a local currency of choice further simplifies the end-to-end flow. This is in keeping with Limonetik’s mission to remove the complexity from payments processing whilst increasing the reach of their customers.

“We recognised the growing interest in digital currencies from our customer base and are excited to partner with Bitnet to add bitcoin to our service offering,” said Christophe Bourbier, CEO and co-founder at Limonetik.

“We selected Bitnet as a partner due to the ease-of-integration and scalability of their platform, as well as the proven experience of their team in the payments space.”

“Our partnership with Limonetik enables us to plug into a proven and innovative platform which powers payments processing for a range of merchants, PSPs and marketplaces,” said Akif Khan, Chief Commercial Officer at Bitnet.

“We look forward to joining forces with Limonetik to enable their customers throughout Europe and beyond to accept bitcoin payments from a rapidly growing consumer segment.”

About Bitnet

Bitnet provides a digital commerce platform enabling enterprise-scale merchants to accept bitcoin payments. Bitnet’s engineering, product, and business development team helped build and manage the world’s largest payment gateway, CyberSource (NASDAQ: CYBS), which was sold to the world’s largest payment network, Visa (NYSE: V), for $2 billion in 2010. Bitnet has offices in San Francisco, California; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Singapore.

About Limonetik

Named by Gartner a “Cool Vendor 2015 in Digital Commerce” the Limonetik positioning is unique in the payment industry. Flexible, simple and quick to deploy, Limonetik is the platform that integrates the most advanced electronic payment technologies but also marketing features to enrich the payment, namely:

- Limonetik gives International Payment Deployment a 'plug-and-play' makeover approach: Standardisation of all forms of payments into payment that looks like a credit card and makes it seamless for PSP's to integrate and to manage. A true 'plug- and-play' approach – adding a new payment has no impact.

 - Transforming the payment into a powerful marketing tool for e-merchants: Limonetik can facilitate genuine 'omni-channel' payment type acceptance from prepaid, gift card, coupons, e-Voucher, cash back, e-gift cards, split-tender, loyalty point redemption etc. collectively this results in incremental revenue and improved customer experiences.

 - Ready to use solution for marketplaces

 - Solutions are customisable

Limonetik's platform is a turnkey technical solution in SaaS mode that enables the outsourcing of the complexity of payments from International Payments to marketing-style payments (coupons) to marketplace solutions and much more.

For PSP's and Merchants, regardless of the amount of complexity to be managed by Limonetik, a streamlined solution to alternative payment methods via our single integrated API is delivered.

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