Update: VisualTouch Utilizes BitPay to Accept Bitcoin on Retail POS Platform

Update: VisualTouch Utilizes BitPay to Accept Bitcoin on Retail POS Platform

BitPay, world leader in business solutions for Bitcoin digital currency, announces a partnership to integrate bitcoin acceptance into VisualTouch, by Visual Information Products Inc. VisualTouch customers can add the option to pay with bitcoin with BitPay handling the payment processing. Over the past weekend, the teams presented the opportunity to visitors to the VisualTouch booth at the National Restaurant Association’s event in Chicago.

“We are truly excited to announce our partnership with BitPay in order to bring enhanced capabilities to our current customers and entice new business through our combined leadership in this field,” said Marius Kimel, President of Visual Information Products, the developers of VisualTouch.

VisualTouch is a complete point of sale system that provides the advanced POS functionality needed for business management. VisualTouch POS is used in the Hospitality, Food Service, Grocery, Retail and Concession industries with a combined install base of more than 6,000 unique customers and some customers having up to 1,600 locations each. VisualTouch will use BitPay’s POS-integration solutions to grow bitcoin acceptance through brick-and-mortar retail locations that may have not considered bitcoin acceptance in the past.

“This partnership greatly expands the number of businesses that will now be able to accept bitcoin. BitPay is extremely excited about the relationship and the opportunity to expand the VisualTouch solution to include bitcoin,” said Tony Gallippi, Executive Chairman of BitPay. “The ability for customers to use bitcoin at businesses with VisualTouch POS systems provides merchants an extremely loyal customer base who will go out of their way to support companies that accept bitcoin.”

The partnership supports the continued growth of bitcoin acceptance as VisualTouch becomes used by an increasing amount of businesses.

About BitPay

BitPay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for Bitcoin digital currency.

BitPay: https://bitpay.com/

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