Top Crowdfunding Campaign Now Accepts Open Source Money

Top Crowdfunding Campaign Now Accepts Open Source Money

Macecraft Software has announced the integration of cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as part of the recent efforts to fund the release of its flagship software product, jv16 PowerTools as free, open source software.

“I love open source and I love money, so we wanted to take the extra step and accept open source money such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and, of course, Dogecoin,” said Jouni Flemming, lead developer at Macecraft Software. “I believe this is the way of the future, and something that our users have been asking us to do,” he continued.

Using Indiegogo, a well-known crowdfunding campaign portal, Macecraft Software has already raised over 17% of its funding target in under 10 days into the campaign, with over 50 days remaining. While Indiegogo is not yet accepting crypto coins as a method of payment, Macecraft Software has released its own wallet addresses and made them available for its community to chip in with their coins towards the campaign objective.

The three options made available by the company in order to fund their project are Bitcoin (wallet address: 1FT5doKEsB4wRxHXsuWPELwGRtWGmEWhsj), Litecoin (wallet address: LaT8ZN9WCFsVdFiApwX2fg5CCLuDcdaAvf) and Dogecoin (wallet address: DCs46NQ3esvUtGRLHP2WioFFiDR1APiXub).

“Making jv16 PowerTools free, open source software by crowdfunding with open source crypto currencies such as Bitcoin makes all the sense in the world! It is something that was never done before for turning commercial software into open source and we hope that by pioneering such an initiative our community will help us spread the word,” said Mihai Barbulescu, crowdfunding campaign coordinator at Macecraft Software.

For non-cryptocurrency funders, the crowdfunding campaign is available at:

For more information on the release of jv6 PowerTools as open source as well as current crowdfunding campaign goals, news and updates visit the official Macecraft Software company website at:

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