Dr Steven Shoshany to Become First NYC Chiropractor to Accept Bitcoin

Dr Steven Shoshany to Become First NYC Chiropractor to Accept Bitcoin

Dr Steven Shoshany has been on the cutting edge of chiropractic treatment for over 15 years and is always expanding his offerings with the latest advances in non-surgical therapies and technology.

This month he is proud to announce that in addition to cash, credit cards, and select insurance plans, he will also begin accepting Bitcoin digital currency, a secure mobile peer-to-peer payment system.

As a leading chiropractor in NYC, he was among the first to offer digitally administered Spinal Decompression therapy to his Manhattan patients. Dr Shoshany was also a big part of bringing Kinesio Taping to the mainstream, and appeared on national syndicated television shows and news programs to help familiarize people with chiropractic treatments, their benefits and advantages over risky invasive procedures.

Dr. Shoshany's desire to keep forging ahead on the leading edge of providing access and results for his patients has led him to become the first Chiropractor in NYC to accept payments via Bitcoin, offering enhanced convenience to his patients.

"When it comes down to it, it's about the patient's convenience. If a patient needs something to make their recovery process easier, I want to do my best to be able to provide it." Dr Shoshany adds,

"I'm also aware that it is the cool new thing, and New York City is the place where things like this tend to take hold. I also commend the added ability for patients to control their privacy. When using Bitcoin at our practice, their personal financial information remains private."

Excelling at offering the most effective, safest, and cutting-edge treatment options, Dr. Shoshany prides himself on being able to provide services to meet all of his patients' needs, not only as far as treatment options but taking the extra step to offer convenience and comfort that fit NYC's fast paced lifestyle.

"I don't want my patients running around to different offices, looking for the treatments that they need. Our practice is a one-stop shop for physical rehabilitation diagnostic and treatment services, where we offer preventative and restorative treatments, as well as supplies for at-home care and sports endurance. I work with a team of certified specialists and we strive to provide an atmosphere in which our patients only need to make an appointment and show up, while we take care of the rest," says Dr. Shoshany.

The addition of Bitcoin to Dr. Shoshany's practice is another way to make visits easier and more convenient to patients.

A team of chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management, and rehabilitation specialists work with Dr. Shoshany to help create individually tailored programs that are not just limited to chiropractic adjustments but focus on an overall-health approach. These highly individualized treatment protocols take in to account diagnostic results from MRIs, nerve tests and X-rays, along with evaluation from osteopathic physicians, physical therapists, and massage therapists - all of which are available in-house.

The treatments also take into account the constant feedback of the patient to assess and tweak the protocol as necessary. This uncompromising approach has resulted in overwhelming patient satisfaction, loyalty, and glowing reviews. Dr. Shoshany's attention to detail and patient-centered approach has also made him one of the best-reviewed chiropractors on search services like Google and City Search.

For additional information about Dr. Shoshany's practice and available non-surgical treatments, as well as his wide range of chiropractic and injury prevention services, please visit his website http://www.drshoshany.com/

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