Trading Bitcoins Is Easier Than Ever: Binary Options Brokers Offer Bitcoin Trading

Trading Bitcoins Is Easier Than Ever: Binary Options Brokers Offer Bitcoin Trading

The Bitcoin continues its wild ride in December as the famous crypto-currency has seen great volatility and huge movements in the first ten days of the month. It started the month at $1,200 per Bitcoin and lost half its value in the first week of the month trading as low as $600 on December 7th.

But just when people began to doubt Bitcoin's ability to bounce back, the buyers came in force and the price moved to $1,050 in just three days, representing an increase of 75%. This is the price it currently trades at.

Where it will go next? This is very hard to say, but what last two weeks showed is that Bitcoin has become an excellent trading instrument and it is no longer a buy and hold asset. Investors and speculators who want to take full advantage of the Bitcoin must be able to profit from both bullish and bearish markets. This is where binary options brokers come into play.

A recent article from named "Bitcoin Brokers - Bitcoin Trading with Binary Options" explains how easy it is for traders to speculate on Bitcoin's value using a binary options broker that offers Bitcoin trading. The most interesting part about this innovative way to trade Bitcoins is that it's even more accessible to the large public than effectively buying Bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoins may prove to be a difficult process for people in certain countries or for the less tech-savvy. You need to install a Bitcoin wallet, synchronize it and then to actually purchase the Bitcoins from a third party exchange like MTGox. The later will prove to be a pretty long process as you won't be able to buy the Bitcoins using your credit or debit card. Instead, you will have to send a wire transfer from your bank that takes days to process. But when it comes to very volatile assets like the Bitcoin, waiting for three days may result in losing a great opportunity or having to pay 75% more for the same amount of Bitcoins, as it happened in the last three days. This is why speed is essential.

But speed is not a problem when it comes to binary options brokers. You can have your account set up and funded in less than five minutes. Deposits are instant as they accept all major credit and debit cards. With such a broker you can start trading in no time.

Speed and accessibility are not the only strengths of this innovative trading method. The potential returns are also higher, but so are the risks. A Bitcoin option can offer a payout as high as 75% in only six hours even if Bitcoin's value changes very little. With both Call and Put options, traders can make a profit from both increases and decreases in value, so the possibilities are endless.

Binary options are very easy to trade as the only thing a trader must do is to set the option's price, choose the deadline and decide whether to buy a Call (Up) or a Put (Down) option. It's very easy to understand even for people who never traded before, and the initial investments can be very low.

Trading Bitcoins using binary options is even easier than trading Bitcoins with Contracts for Difference:

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