Now Assisting Traders Shorting Bitcoins Now Assisting Traders Shorting Bitcoins, the world’s leading forex news portal, is now assisting global traders shorting Bitcoins. The portal is aiming at providing traders with enough resources that can help them to short Bitcoins effectively for better results.

ForexMinute thus lists the top bitcoin exchanges that work efficiently to short bitcoins.

A spokesperson from the news portal further says,

“We provide you with a list of the most reliable bitcoin exchangedealers that allows you to act like a broker and lets you lend bitcoins to other traders, while some assist you bet using futures.”

With 'bet' the spokesperson means to suggest shorting bitcoins by using currency pairs. For instance, the future contracts based on the BTC/USD, Gold/BTC and Crude (WTI)/BTC, etc. amongst others. There are many such bitcoin exchanges listed at ForexMinute which provide traders with such contract options.

“These are innovations which allow, to some degree, a method of shorting bitcoins,” adds the spokesperson.

ForexMinute has been continuously providing traders with the most vital bitcoin resources. The portal aims at enhancing novice and intermediate traders’ skills regarding buying and selling bitcoins. The portal also introduced the new Bitcoin news section to supplement their audiences with better market material.

The new section will further introduce traders with the comprehensive range of services like minute-to-minute bitcoin news, affiliated programs, bitcoins trading, bitcoins shorting, and none the least, buying bitcoins.

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