BIPS Releases 0% Merchant Processing Solution

BIPS Releases 0% Merchant Processing Solution

Is @bips the name to beat in online payment systems?

Bitcoin Internet Payment System (BIPS) has officially launched its full featured free merchant gateway. BIPS was created with simple goals in mind; to free merchants of processing fees and eliminate fraud. Built with Bitcoin technology, BIPS accomplishes both of those objectives.

BIPS has guaranteed merchant processing rates so merchants can accept bitcoins without worrying about market fluctuations. With 45 supported currencies, 0% processing fees and no charge backs, credit card companies cannot compete. The world of merchant payment processing will never be the same.

Television personality Max Kaiser tweets, “Is @bips the name to beat in online payment systems?” Absolutely. Pioneering Bitcoin and online security, BIPS delivers a unique solution not found anywhere else. With Secure Card, Google Authenticator, Double salted 512-bit hashed passwords, Cold storage and IP Guard rest assured knowing your account is secure. BIPS was modeled on over a year of customer feedback from WalletBit and a desire to change the payment world.

BIPS empowers even the smallest merchant to securely accept payments for their products and services anywhere in the world – for free. From the struggling family in India to the successful business in Toronto everyone has an equal opportunity to accept payments. In doing so, BIPS unlocks the full potential of Bitcoin. BIPS will not charge merchants any processing fees for accepting payment.

Anyone using BIPS has the option of signing up using an existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account. This means there is no need to remember another password unless the user want to. For those who like to do things the old fashioned way, BIPS also have a secure traditional sign up method.

BIPS combines years of Bitcoin processing experience to create the ultimate Bitcoin website. Best of all BIPS is free. Simply put, BIPS is the last Bitcoin website one will ever need.

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