Social Network MyGirlFund Now Accepts Bitcoin

Social Network MyGirlFund Now Accepts Bitcoin

MyGirlFund, a rapidly growing social network for adults, has introduced a new payment option: Bitcoin. A digital currency that can be bought with or converted into cash, Bitcoin offers total purchasing anonymity, a compelling feature for users who value their online privacy.

“Providing members with a safe, discrete and secure environment to interact and transact is a top priority at MyGirlFund,” says Director of Business Development Stefan Patrick.

“Bitcoin’s anonymous transactional platform enables our members to make intimate connections and buy unique custom content without leaving a footprint.”

While MyGirlFund offers multiple payment options, Patrick believes Bitcoin will become a preferred method as members discover how secure, as well as convenient, the platform is. “Bitcoin has the potential to eclipse other online payment methods,” Patrick says.

“It will be interesting to see how its adoption rate impacts future sales, not just for us, but for the entire online world.”


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