The 2020 Elections Are Boosting Crypto Prediction Markets

The 2020 Elections Are Boosting Crypto Prediction Markets

Decentralized betting platforms like Polymarket and YieldWars are seeing accelerated trading volume growth leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

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A new prediction market platform is set to go live on the ethereum network this week. Called Gnosis, the project will allow users to wager on future events by asking and answering questions about the outcome of sports games or elections. However, the platform's creators envision Gnosis one day serving as a platform for a wide range of user-created prediction markets. An example touted by the team is a sample platform called Hunchgame, which would see Gnosis being used as a basis for a prediction market centered on celebrity gossip. One of the more experimental use cases for public....

Augur Launches Alpha Version of Prediction Market Platform

Augur, a decentralized platform allowing individuals to create prediction markets on a vast array of topics, announced today that it was launching its alpha test."Traditionally, prediction markets have fallen short due to their need for volume in order to be valuable forecasting tools," explained Jeremy Gardner, the Director of Operations at Augur. "Having a global, unstoppable, blockchain-based prediction markets platform means anyone in the world with internet can connect to Augur."However, Augur is not, itself, a prediction market. Rather, it is open-source code for a prediction markets....

How Crypto Transforms Prediction Markets

Betting can be used to predict the future. That's the crazy idea behind prediction markets. Here's how they work and where cryptocurrency fits into the picture.

Vitalik Buterin ventures three reasons why prediction markets are pro-Trump

Buterin asks whether crypto prediction markets reflect the wisdom of the crowd or are skewed by illiquidity and the political bias of their social base. On the eve of the United States presidential election, most mainstream polls are pointing to a highly likely Joe Biden victory, though this isn’t reflected in crypto prediction markets.For Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, the “big difference” between them presents something of a puzzle, and he’s offered three guesses as to why such a disparity has emerged.In what he posed as a pro-prediction market or favorable view, Buterin suggested....

Sztorc: Digital Cash and Prediction Markets Share Similar Histories

Bloq Economist and Bitcoin Hivemind creator Paul Sztorc has been fascinated with prediction markets for many years, and he views these mechanisms for the creation of “event derivatives” as an essential public good. Although Sztorc had been a supporter of centralized prediction market InTradein the past, he now sees the need for a blockchain-based solution to allow these sorts of markets to proliferate around the world. Recently, Sztorc chatted with Adamant Research Editor in Chief Tuur Demeester about prediction markets, Bitcoin, sidechains and many other topics. During the discussion,....