Microsoft ION's Daniel Buchner Wants To Decentralize Our Identities With Bitcoin

Microsoft ION's Daniel Buchner Wants To Decentralize Our Identities With Bitcoin

The project is intended to decentralize identity, much like Bitcoin decentralized money.Microsoft recently announced that their ION v1 Decentralized Identity (DID) Layer 2 solution is now active on the Bitcoin mainnet. The DID technology enables identification of entities without relying on a centralized third party as the custodian of identifying information. As more platforms for Bitcoin usage are built, retaining the decentralization of user identification is essential to maintaining Bitcoin’s original mission. Microsoft and other collaborators are attempting to do this, and they are....

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Microsoft Partners With Tierion to Develop Immutable Blockchain For Identities

Tech giant Microsoft has established a partnership with Blockchain identity startup Tierion to secure sensitive pieces of information on a public Blockchain. Daniel Buchner from the Microsoft Azure Identity team will be leading a project called decentralized identity initiative which features extensive collaboration with Tierion and its developers. Cooperatively, the Microsoft and Tierion development teams are looking to build a Blockchain-based platform wherein anyone can sign data, claims and agreements in an immutable and transparent ecosystem. Commercialization. Ultimately, Microsoft....

Microsoft deploys solution on Bitcoin, calls it the most secure network

Senior Product Manager for Decentralized Identity at Microsoft, Daniel Buchner, has confirmed the release of ION. Deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet, this solution is a permissionless public network for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). Implemented on Bitcoin’s blockchain, it operates as a second-layer solution to support a DIDs/DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure) at scale, according to its […]

Microsoft Details Collaboration With Blockchain Startup Tierion

Microsoft has announced a new partnership as part of an internal decentralized identity initiative. In a new release today, Microsoft revealed it is working with blockchain startup Tierion to determine how decentralized identities linked to a blockchain could validate data, claims or agreements. In this case, Microsoft will leverage technology provided by Tierion, which would link data to a blockchain to generate proof of the data's integrity. As an example, the companies said that this technology might one day help online students receive validation for completed work, with an educational....

Microsoft also Exploring Blockchain Technology for the IoT "World of Distributed, Connected Devices"

Since starting to accept Bitcoin earlier this month, Microsoft has not started offering Bitcoin acceptance globally, or for all of its products. Currently, users that wish to load their Microsoft accounts with Bitcoin are limited to $1,000 a day and $5,000 maximum. Microsoft seems to be waiting for further clarification on Bitcoin regulation before moving forward with their Bitcoin plans. Like many other companies, Microsoft is willing to try Bitcoin acceptance, which has clearly defined tax treatments, but is reluctant to do anything else thus far. BitPay Chairman Tony Gallippi has....

Interview with Daniel Winters of Global Tax, LLC on Bitcoin Rules for Tax Season

Daniel Winters of Global Tax, LLC sits down to talk with Scott of Bitcoinist about basic US tax rules for Bitcoin. He is knowledgeable from everything like corporate tax to personal income tax. Daniel has been consulting many people and businesses in the Bitcoin ecosystem as well as recently giving a presentation at the Bitcoin Center in NYC. Daniel was a significant presence at theNorth American Bitcoin Conference in Miami where we were able to interview him.