Microsoft deploys solution on Bitcoin, calls it the most secure network

Microsoft deploys solution on Bitcoin, calls it the most secure network

Senior Product Manager for Decentralized Identity at Microsoft, Daniel Buchner, has confirmed the release of ION. Deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet, this solution is a permissionless public network for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). Implemented on Bitcoin’s blockchain, it operates as a second-layer solution to support a DIDs/DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure) at scale, according to its […]

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Tech giant Microsoft has established a partnership with Blockchain identity startup Tierion to secure sensitive pieces of information on a public Blockchain. Daniel Buchner from the Microsoft Azure Identity team will be leading a project called decentralized identity initiative which features extensive collaboration with Tierion and its developers. Cooperatively, the Microsoft and Tierion development teams are looking to build a Blockchain-based platform wherein anyone can sign data, claims and agreements in an immutable and transparent ecosystem. Commercialization. Ultimately, Microsoft....

How Microsoft Is Building A Decentralized Internet On Top Of The Bitcoin Network

Deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet since March 2021, the ION Decentralized Identity Network is one of the most exciting projects in the crypto space, at the moment. This second-layer solution operates as a permissionless public network to support Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI). The project has been developed by Microsoft and […]

Game time? Microsoft adopts Ethereum blockchain for gaming royalties

Microsoft’s blockchain platform expands for royalties management, but how will this impact the gaming sector as a whole? Enterprise Ethereum is beginning to show its impact as some of the largest companies in the world start to leverage the Ethereum network to solve complex business challenges. For example, tech giant Microsoft and Big Four firm Ernst & Young announced the expansion of Microsoft’s blockchain-based solution to extend to gaming rights and royalties management.Paul Brody, blockchain lead at EY, told Cointelegraph that Microsoft’s blockchain solution for this particular use....

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Microsoft and India-based cloud communications firm Tanla Platforms have launched a blockchain-based communications platform-as-a-service aimed to offer more private and secure messaging. Read more: Indian Users Almost 5 Times More Likely to Encounter Crypto Hacking: Microsoft Report

Ethereum Hottest New Platform and Bitcoin’s Top Rival: Bloomberg

Ethereum receives welcome support from the mainstream press as Bloomberg calls it “the hottest new platform in the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchains.” The comments come as part of a piece setting out the next move for “Bitcoin’s top rival,” which include removing mining to allow the network to scale and meet possible demand from global corporations. “If Ethereum is going to take advantage of the potential that companies like JPMorgan, Microsoft and IBM see in its underlying transaction technology, the Blockchain, as the potential backbone that could reshape modern business and....