How Microsoft Is Building A Decentralized Internet On Top Of The Bitcoin Network

How Microsoft Is Building A Decentralized Internet On Top Of The Bitcoin Network

Deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet since March 2021, the ION Decentralized Identity Network is one of the most exciting projects in the crypto space, at the moment. This second-layer solution operates as a permissionless public network to support Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI). The project has been developed by Microsoft and […]

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How Microsoft Will Move To The Web 3.0, Blockchain Division To Expand

Tech giant Microsoft will expand its blockchain team, according to this department Director of Strategy and Transformation, Blockchain, and Cloud Hardware Supply Chain Yorke Rhodes. Via his Twitter account, Rhodes called on potential candidates and everyone “obsessed with Turing complete, scarce programmable objects”. Related Reading | How Microsoft Is Building A Decentralized Internet On Top […]

Microsoft & IBM Weigh in on the Battle Between Private and Public Blockchains

As business giants and governments are moving to explore Blockchain, the distributed ledger system that is behind Bitcoin, Microsoft is to build a “Certified Blockchain Marketplace”. Microsoft Azure platform. Bitcoin’s value had earlier seen a $20 surge when Microsoft had announced plans to integrate Bitcoin into its Windows and Xbox digital payments system, though the initiative failed to garner widespread support. However, Microsoft is now moving forward and experimenting with the technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain - the distributed ledger system on which Bitcoin and other....

Microsoft deploys solution on Bitcoin, calls it the most secure network

Senior Product Manager for Decentralized Identity at Microsoft, Daniel Buchner, has confirmed the release of ION. Deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet, this solution is a permissionless public network for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). Implemented on Bitcoin’s blockchain, it operates as a second-layer solution to support a DIDs/DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure) at scale, according to its […]

Microsoft Doubles Down on Ethereum With New Blockchain Product

Microsoft will soon enter the next phase of its blockchain work with the formal launch of its Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network. If successful, Microsoft hopes the project will help entire industries work together to more easily build increasingly complex consortia that better leverage the network effects of shared, immutable ledgers. As such, a major point of emphasis for the Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network will be usability. The product has been designed so that groups of companies can deploy a private ethereum network with a single click. Released privately to Github earlier....

Decentralized Internet Can Be the Answer to DDoS Problems

The use of decentralized internet services like MaidSafe may prevent DDoS attacks like the one that happened recently. The recent DDoS attack on some of the major websites on the internet has renewed interests in the decentralized internet. While there are multiple initiatives concerning blockchain technology and decentralized network in development, the DDoS attack is expected to accelerate the process. The CTO of Golem, Piotr Janiuk has recently explained that by decentralizing the internet using peer to peer technology the chances of such attacks can be minimized. He believes that the....