SubSocial Network’s Crowd Loan Bid on Kusama Parachain Auction Goes Live!

SubSocial Network’s Crowd Loan Bid on Kusama Parachain Auction Goes Live!

First announced last week Thursday, SubSocial Network has finally launched its crowd loan on Kusama parachain auction. The project is now calling on Kusama holders to vote for the project and earn SUB token rewards once the auction is completed. In an announcement on Monday, the SubSocial team announced its auction bid on Kusama parachain […]

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Subsocial Debuts a Crowdloan Campaign For the Upcoming Kusama Parachain Slot Bid

Subsocial Network, an open platform designed to support the creation of decentralized social networks and marketplaces, announced on November 11th that it will be participating in the upcoming Kusama parachain slot auction. As per the announcement, Subsocial will bid for one of the competitive Kusama parachain slots to scale its ecosystem within the Dot and Kusama community. The project has since invited Kusama (KSM) token holders to participate in its crowdloan, where a total of 16.5 million (16.5% of the total supply) SUB tokens will be allocated as rewards. Launched in June 2021, the....

Polkadot’s Parachain Vision Materializes Following Successful Kusama Auction

After months of hype around the launch, the first Kusama parachain auction went off without a hitch. The now active parachain has already begun successfully processing transactions, paving the way for future slot auctions. Kusama’s First Functional Parachain Goes Live The anticipation surrounding Polkadot parachains over the last few months has at last been realized following the first successful parachain auction on the Kusama canary network. This development marks the first time that a 100% decentralized, heterogeneously-sharded blockchain has been launched. The parachain, awarded....

Polkadot Officially on Schedule for Next Parachain Auctions on Kusama

Kusama and Polkadot are jointly two of the most successful Blockchain partnerships, judging by the effort both teams have put to drive a massive adoption for the Blockchain. Following the success of the first Parachain auction, Polkadot will commence the next phase of the Parachain auction on Kusama. The auction, which is open to all […]

Moonbeam Team Unveils Kusama-Based Companion Network Moonriver Via Five-Phase...

Moonbeam’s Moonriver emerged as the winner of the second round of the Kusama parachain auctions, claiming its slot on the Kusama parachain. Kusama’s second parachain slot auction ended on block 8,051,569, with Moonriver winning the auction after 205,935 KSM was bonded to its project. More than 6,000 contributors are backing Moonriver via its crowdloan program […]

Shiden secures third parachain slot on Kusama

The canary project of Polkadot-based multi-chain DApp hub Astar Network has won Kusama’s third parachain auction. Shiden, the sister-project of leading Polkadot-native layer-two decentralized app hub, Astar Network (formerly Plasm Network), has won the third parachain auction for Polkadot’s experimental sister-network, Kusama.Shiden secured the slot with a total of 137,020 KSM tokens bonded — worth nearly $29 million at current prices.Shiden is a smart contract platform for Kusama-based DApps, offering multi-chain support for Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly-based contracts. The....