Women From small Towns Constitute 65% of Indian Cryptocurrency Sign-Ups

Women From small Towns Constitute 65% of Indian Cryptocurrency Sign-Ups

WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Mumbai. Its recent data has shown an up-to-date growth of 2,648% crypto sign-ups from smaller city users in India. WazirX data also pointed out an increase in the country’s total number of enthusiasts and women investors. 65% of the entire crypto sign-ups made on WazriX by the Indian […]

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Women from small cities contribute to 65% crypto sign ups in India

Mumbai-based WazirX crypto exchange's latest data shows a 2,648% growth till date in user signups from smaller cities across India. India’s regulatory uncertainties have not affected the investor’s sentiment towards crypto as the latest data from crypto exchanges suggests a rising influx of users. Binance-owned Indian crypto exchange WazirX reported a 2,648% growth to date in user signups from smaller cities across India, also known as tier-II and tier-III cities, that can host up to 100,000 citizens. The Mumbai-based exchange reported:“Tier-II and tier-III cities have driven almost 55% of....

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Mariah Carey has now solidified her stance in the bitcoin industry. The five-time Grammy winner had teamed up with the Winklevoss twins’ crypto exchange Gemini to launch a campaign that was aimed at empowering women around the world using crypto. The singer announced the partnership with Gemini via Instagram. In the informative Instagram post, Mariah Carey encourages people to sign up on Gemini and learn about crypto. Carey boasts a following of over 10 million on the platform and is using her influence to encourage more women to get invested in the space. Although the post was tagged as a....