Hypnotherapist Announces Decisions To Accept Bitcoins As Payment

Hypnotherapist Announces Decisions To Accept Bitcoins As Payment

A celebrated hypnotherapist today announced her company will accept Bitcoins as payment for goods and services offered by the company.

"To us, it just makes sense to accept Bitcoins. This is a global currency and does not rely on exchange rates or governments to determine the value of the money. Bitcoins are going to make our global sales and transactions much easier to handle," she said.

Ms. Cramer is also the creative force behind shop.aliciacramer.com. She is a certified hypnotherapist, author, speaker, coach, mentor, and an authority on business mindset.

"As a professional coach and hypnotherapist I am able to give people the tools they need to succeed and my programs are designed to help people overcome mental blocks that prevent them from doing what they really want to do." she said.

"Additionally, the hypnosis audios sold at the Online Store provide an affordable and convenient solution for people wanting to overcome negative habits and reinforce positive changes. We already reach several other countries, by taking Bitcoins I can accommodate a lot more people."

As more and more businesses and people come to realize the value of Bitcoins, Ms. Cramer said she expects the use of the Internet currency to become more widely accepted. This will be especially helpful, she said, in countries which have soft currencies where the residents do not have access to hard currency like the American dollar or the English pound.

A Bitcoin is a peer to peer transaction currency that sidesteps banks, other financial institutions and governments. It was launched in 2009. The Bitcoin developers have limited the number of Bitcoins which will be put into circulation, thereby making the Internet money increasingly valuable.

What sets Bitcoin apart from other currencies is that is not issued by any government and once a pre-set limit is reached, there will be no more Bitcoins made. The theory is that with a fixed amount in circulation, inflation will not be an issue. And because no government can make Bitcoins, the ability to artificially manipulate the price and value is also gone.

For more information about Alicia Cramer Coaching & Hypnotherapy visit http://www.shop.aliciacramer.com/

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