Xen Accounting Inc. among First Professional Accounting Firms in North America to Accept Bitcoins as Payments

Xen Accounting Inc. among First Professional Accounting Firms in North America to Accept Bitcoins as Payments

Xen Accounting announced today that they will be accepting Bitcoins, a digital currency, as a form of payment for their accounting services. Having already set up an e-commerce website to accept credit card payments for their fixed-fee accounting packages, Xen Accounting will push their payment processing even further to now receive Bitcoin payments as well.

The collaboration between Xen Accounting and the Canadian Virtual Exchange, Canada’s first Bitcoin exchange, is among the first of its kind in terms of how professional service firms are dealing with this new digital currency.

“Most of our clients are in the online and tech communities and some of them are quite fanatical about Bitcoins in general. It only seems to be a natural extension for us to now accept Bitcoins in order to help accommodate our clients’ needs as much as possible,” says Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA, founder of Xen Accounting.

Bitcoins have been rapidly increasing in popularity. Their value is now at an all-time high and they are being accepted by businesses such as Wordpress, OkCupid and Baidu, China’s Google equivalent.

Already known for doing things unconventionally, Xen Accounting has not only ditched the unpopular billable hour in favor of flat monthly fees but also offers its professional accounting services in a 100% virtual environment through the use of innovative cloud technology. The goal is to make accounting and dealing with your accountant as convenient and as painless as possible.

“Modern day business owners are choosing Xen over the traditional accounting firm because we are moving forward with the times and with the technology. Accepting Bitcoins is just another way to tell our clients that we are listening,” Ryan adds.

About Xen Accounting Inc.

Xen Accounting is an online Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant firm, which blends innovative software experiences with professional accounting services. Connecting modern day business owners with modern day accountants, Xen Accounting helps make accounting more convenient and less time consuming through the use of technology.

Xen Accounting is a Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec.

For more information about Xen Accounting, please visit http://www.xenaccounting.com/ or follow the company on Twitter @xenaccounting.

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