Makes Cryptocurrency Conversion and Calculation as Easy as a Dream Makes Cryptocurrency Conversion and Calculation as Easy as a Dream is a web-based cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator and conversion tool, which offers services that are free of charge to all users across the world.

It is unarguably the simplest, most accurate and reliable cryptocurrency calculator, and the only conversion tool in the market today. The coming of this service into the market eliminates the need for manual conversion, monitoring and switching among exchange rates while searching for the most favorable rate. Now, the software does all that work for you and it will also easily convert your cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency or to Euros or US Dollars, whichever you prefer.

Just as trades on the Forex set the exchange rates for the dollar, sterling pound, Euro and other fiat money, the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency is also determined by the supply and demand on cryptocurrency exchanges. With the entry of the business of converting cryptocurrencies has just become much easier.

Cryptonator supports all cryptocurrencies that are in the market. Users will now find converting and monitoring the exchange rates and the values of the cryptocurrencies very easy, as the service will do that for them. Thanks to the use of the volume-weighted averages of the chosen cryptocurrencies and their prices across different online exchanges. It is also a very responsive service that has been designed for use not only on desktops and laptops, but across different smartphone technologies like the iOS and android.

Cryptocurrencies have quickly become widely accepted in both online and retail stores, as well as for numerous services. The first cryptocurrency to be introduced into the market was the Bitcoin in 2009 but after that, there have been many others. Cryptonator works for all of them, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin and others.

The rates are up to date as they are updated every minute across the main online exchanges. This assures all users that whenever they are converting their cryptocurrencies to US$ and Euros or to other cryptocurrency, they will get their exchange at the trending rates.

About is a web-based cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator and conversion tool, which allows users to instantly convert almost every cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency or into USD, sterling pound and Euro. Thanks to the user friendly and responsive design, users can estimate the cryptocurrencies values even when they are on the go on their smartphones. Cryptonator is synchronized with all the major exchanges and calculates the volume-weighted average of selected cryptocurrency prices across major online exchanges.

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