Your Ultimate Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Rules the Crypto World through its Gigantic Innovations

Your Ultimate Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Rules the Crypto World through its Gigantic Innovations

Dicewallet, Your Ultimate Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Rules the Crypto World through its Gigantic Innovations.

The continuous modernization of dicewallet has been visualized since its introductory. Through its unstoppable and passionate CEO, Takuya Hashiyada with his strong-willed team, they were able to exceed their goal. More coins were added as promised and as stated in its press release a few months ago.

Your Ultimate Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet, Dicewallet, is a simple and easy digital wallet that makes your life easy. They support bitcoins and other altcoins, including LTC, DOGE, XRP, START, KDC, DDC, LGC, and FOC. It is also considered as “All In One Digital Wallet” since it is a comprehensive digital wallet that allows you to buy and sell digital assets instantly, as simple as sending an email. Safe and Secure is also one of its unique features that outstand among others. Security is always on their top priority. They provide 3-factor authentication; log in password, one-time passcode, and touch ID to keep the wallet safe. *The touch ID function will be available for the device using iOS8 or more updated versions.

While the team is busy in securing the system and assuring that is safe to use, they also provide the best service to satisfy its loyal and new customers. Its simplicity, speed, and accessibility make them exceptional from others. It provides simple and full featured menu that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins and other altcoins. Making transactions is just like counting 1,2,3. The transaction takes just instantly for senders and receivers, regardless of how big the amount is. The transaction is more than “instant”. Since it has been upgraded and modernized in all aspects, it is readily available worldwide. By scanning the digital assets key, you can control your transactions anytime, anywhere, globally.

Follow Dicewallet social channels to keep posted for the promotions. Their special offer with its digital assets is ongoing and will end on November 30, 2016.

Download Dicewallet on your Android Mobile or IOS for FREE. Check it on APP Store and Google Play Store now!

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