Changing the World with Dicewallet

Changing the World with Dicewallet

Started since February 2016, Dicewallet has already gained the trust of many cryptocurrencies users.

Different sponsorship was held as simple appreciation to those who downloaded the application. Headed by the Japanese CEO, Takuya Hashiyada, they were able to manage the everyday huge increase of users accordingly. Through the great leadership of their CEO and with the team’s combined skills and expertise, dicewallet is continuously achieving their goals to change the world, as projected.

Dicewallet can accommodate all bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, xrp, startcoin users. It is downloadable on Google Play Store and App Store just for Free. This new mobile crypto coin online wallet is an all-in one convenient and efficient wallet service that supports most of the crypto currencies. English, Japanese, and Chinese are the currently available languages on site.

As designed, more crypto coins will be introduced by the end of this year.

About sends BTC, LTC, and Dogecoin to any digital coin address. Its ability to send cryptos to email addresses for people without Bitcoin or digital currency wallets is one of its advantages. It can also view all the digital currency assets in one single comprehensive listing and with User Account Verification.

Learn more about, kindly contact [email protected] and feel free to visit the site:

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