EDRС – Cryptocurrency to Change the World for Better

EDRС – Cryptocurrency to Change the World for Better

We are happy to announce the latest cryptocurrency output, changing the world of money for the better days!

EDRcoin – a modern decentralized cryptocurrency, which concept is based not only on the mining principle, but also in a sustainable energy efficiency policies generating money.

What do we mean? Already well-known that most of existing cryptocurrency operated by the mining industry and seriously influence on the planet ecology. This fact makes ideology of such currency does not totally clarified in sphere of justification its direct purpose – decentralization, because the possession and distribution of resources makes any currency dependent on external factors. EDRcoin – a unique product, its production process leaves no carbon footprint and uses modern alternative energy as the solar panels energy and environmentally well-built production process . All this takes place in collaboration with independent private farms located in different parts of the world.

EDRcoin – is the currency, aimed not only to enrichment, but also for saving the Earth resources. It means that part of income system will be used to help recovery worldwide forests, and in addition, for the development of new solar power plants.

How does it work?

System functioning is caused by the use of POS systems and generating Skrypt function as a way of hashing.

EDR coin developers taken into concideration a lot of flaws of previously existing digital money, it means that EDR coin reliably protected from external hacker attacks, hacking or theft , but this hight quality of security is avaiable when the user comply all of conditions of confidentiality.

The accumulation and increase in funds going exclusively digital wallet, accessed only for user.

Terms of Use Digital Currency EDRCoin involves regular participant reward for blockchain processing services from a shared resource of EDRC cryptocurrency . As with many other coins, its limited and estimated mining will be stopped 31 December 2017, so the final number of coins depends on the activity of cryptocurrency holders.

Download your cryptowallet here: http://blockchain.mn/wallet/

Cryptocurrency exchange is over the link: http://yobit.net/, http://c-cex.com/, http://alcurex.org/

How to be active and provide high validity EDR?

Making 1 transaction per day provides the user gains in a purse on 0.33% of the total located into the wallet.

EDR Coins do not have material vitality – it is pure mathematics, digital code to its functioning. For popularity and usability of cryptocurrency developers fixed its value to the value of USD, The 1EDRC = $ 1.

For security reasons, your user information, committing the transaction is closed. However, the transaction itself is in the public domain.

An important feature of the new cryptocurrency is an unlimited number of accounts available for creating and further of mining. Due to the independence from the state and commitment to antitrust philosophy EDRC cryptocurrency mining is protected from an artificial increase of cryptocurrency number . None of the banking system has no control over the process of mining cryptocurrency, does not affect its value and quantity.

Who was at the beginning of this idea?

Charles Chen – he is EDRCoin developer and co-founder, known as a philanthropist and businessman

Also, EDRC is developing a network of shops, restaurants, and services (car rental, for example) and many, many others, who will be accepting EDRCoin cryptocurrency as a payment for services. We are very interested in connecting new shops, restaurants etc. So, if you are the business owner or marketing manager, who want to increase his income, raise awareness, and get another solvent audience – cryptocurrency miners, get to use EDRCoin in your shops or restaurants

Cryptocurrency – is not only a means of payment, but also the ideology of tools, support and development of social entrepreneurship, shops and restaurants that promote proper nutrition, vegetarianism and healthy lifestyle. Оrganic, vegan and local. Grants is not growing the economy. Cryptocurrency is the tool that can help eco-projects to develop and expand the economy coupled with eco-projects. Especially if you will use it in cryptocurrency crowdfounding – any project can be funded at the expense of miners and their community of interest in a particular project. Such interactions can make the sector of the economy only grow from project to project.

Useful EDRC links:

Download your cryptowallet here: http://blockchain.mn/wallet/

Here is the source code of our cryptocurrency: https://github.com/EDRCoin/EDRcoin-src

Real cryptocurrency turnovers can be seen here: http://api.blockchain.mn:3001/richlist/

And if you like to use plug-ins in web-browsers, here is our EDRCoin plugins for Chrome browser: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/edrcoin-modern-decentrali/ and EDRCoin plugin for Firefox browser: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/edrcoin/

Exchanges, trading our EDRCoin: http://cryptopia.co.nz/, http://C-Cex.com/, http://yobit.net/, http://exrates.me/, http://alcurex.org/

Join EDRC community and change the perceptions of money.

EDRC – the best from the financial world: http://edrcoin.com/

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