Ziftr Releases New API That Enables Online Retailers to Accept All Major Cryptocurrencies

Ziftr Releases New API That Enables Online Retailers to Accept All Major Cryptocurrencies

Ziftr, a New Hampshire-based company that develops products, tools and apps to revolutionize the shopping experience, is excited to announce the release of a free application program interface (API) that will enable online retailers to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and all major types of cryptocurrency.

“At Ziftr, we truly believe we have what it takes to change the shopping experience for the better, and the API is a huge step toward getting retailers to be part of our shopping revolution,” said Bob Wilkins, CEO, Ziftr.

“Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have proven that they’re here to stay, and it’s easy to understand why: They have low to non-existent transaction fees as opposed to high credit card transaction fees, and they are highly secure, helping retailers to avoid credit card fraud disasters like the recent ones at Target and Home Depot. We’ve already had inquiries from a handful of well-known merchants that are excited to begin accepting cryptocurrency via the Ziftr API, and we anticipate many more in the coming months.”

The Ziftr API was developed with common pain points in mind – pain points that Ziftr has uncovered over the past six years of working closely with hundreds of retailers. As such, the API aims to provide several key benefits in addition to enabling retailers to accept cryptocurrency. For example, retailers that adopt the Ziftr API can benefit from real-time pricing and inventory updates; access to additional sales channels, including Ziftr Marketplace and Lycos Shopping; complete control of their brand and the ability to quickly fix discrepancies in prices, product descriptions and more.

Additionally, the API will enable retailers to accept ziftrCOIN™, an up-and-coming cryptocurrency developed for online shoppers with the goal of getting cryptocurrency into the hands of everyday consumers. On January 26, 2015, Ziftr will begin giving away 300 million free ziftrCOINs – starting with 100 free coins to the first 1 million users – thus creating a network of eager consumers excited to spend their coins at retailers that accept the Ziftr API.

For more information about ziftrCOIN, visit http://www.ziftrCOIN.com/

About Ziftr®

Based in Milford, New Hampshire, Ziftr revolutionizes the online shopping experience through the development of innovative products, tools and apps that make life easier for both consumers and retailers. The company’s first set of tools, a browser add-on and mobile app, connects shoppers with the best deals at their favorite online retailers.

Ziftr is a product of myVBO®, a full service design, marketing and development company that helps businesses turn their ambitions into realities.

For more information about Ziftr, visit http://www.ziftr.com/

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