UK Deed Poll Name Change Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

UK Deed Poll Name Change Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Deed Poll Name Change is an online legally accepted service which allows anyone to change their name by Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration quickly online, and pay for the service with Bitcoin.

Deed Poll Name Change is one of the first UK online services to accept Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer online digital currency, software and protocol. Bitcoin allows instant payments for worldwide transactions with very low processing fees. The peer-to-peer technology operates without a central controlling authority, managing transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the entire online network. Bitcoin allows uses that could not be covered by any previous payment systems.

The Deed Poll Name Change system allows anyone in the UK who needs to officially change their name, and have a legally authorised document to confirm this, to simply fill in their details in to a simple website form and receive a copy of their change of name document by download. The printed document is ready filled in and formatted with the correct information as input by the user in to the website form. Once the document has been downloaded, printed and authorised, the user has an official change of name document recognised by all government and non government agencies and companies in the UK.

The online system can be used by either adults aged 16 years and over to change their own name and by parents or guardians to change the name of a child aged under 16 years of age.

There are two different types of name change document that can be downloaded from the Deed Poll Name Change system, a Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration. The cost to download the completed official document from Deed Poll Name Change is the same no matter what type of document is required. Each name change document costs Bitcoin 0.15 to download from the Deed Poll Name Change website. The cost in Bitcoin will not change due to currency fluctuations.

Both types of name change document are equally valid ways to change your name, and which one to use is down to individual choice. The main difference between the two types of document is in how the document is authorised once it has been downloaded and printed. Your document can be downloaded once your Bitcoin payment is confirmed.

A Deed Poll document must be signed and witnessed to authorise it. The printed document must be signed and dated by the person changing their name, and also countersigned by two witnesses who must not be related to the person changing their name. Once the document has been witnessed it is now and officially recognised name change document that can be used to .

A Statutory Declaration document must be sworn under oath in front of an authorised person such as a solicitor, who will then add their official company stamp to the document to authorise it. The person requiring the name change simply takes the document to any solicitor, there is usually no need to make and appointment. The solicitor will usually make a nominal fee for this service.

Please go to for full information about using Bitcoin to make your payment and to see the system in action.

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