Blockchain Apparatus Conducts Nation’s First Presidential Straw Poll Using its Voting Technology

Blockchain Apparatus Conducts Nation’s First Presidential Straw Poll Using its Voting Technology

Nearly 300 people attended the Republican debate party at New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club last Thursday night, a number of whom participated in the club’s post-debate straw poll giving their assessment of the night’s winner.

The poll was the first of its kind conducted utilizing the technology underlying the bitcoin cryptocurrency-- provided by the Blockchain Apparatus company, a subsidiary of Blockchain Technologies Corporation. Among other things, the company can conduct secure elections using the blockchain to ensure votes that are cast are unique and not counterfeit.

“Blockchain Apparatus ran the most transparent poll I have ever been involved with,” said Jeff Goolsby, manager of the club. “I think what they bring to the voting process is the future of free and open elections.”

The company has filed a non-provisional utility patent titled ‘System and Method For Securely Receiving And Counting Votes In An Election’ - Application number 14820530.

Roughly 100 plus people participated in the poll at the end of the evening. Those who participated were asked: "who do you think won tonight's debate?" According to the majority of the party’s attendees, Donald Trump came out the winner of the debate, with Rand Paul coming in a respectable second.

Here are the official results from the Metropolitan Republican Club's 2016 Fox News presidential debate straw poll:

Donald J. Trump 32
Rand Paul 17
John Kasich 12
Jeb Bush 11
Ted Cruz 7
Dr. Ben Carson 5
Scott Walker 5
Mike Huckabee 4
Chris Christie 3
Marco Rubio 3

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