Follow My Vote Releases Alpha for Stakeweighted Blockchain Voting Software

Follow My Vote Releases Alpha for Stakeweighted Blockchain Voting Software

Blockchain voting company, Follow My Vote, has released the Alpha version of their stake weighted voting software.

The alpha version runs on a blockchain using the open-source Graphene Blockchain Framework architected and developed by Follow My Vote CTO, Nathan Hourt and Dan Larimer of Steemit Inc. Other projects that have utilized Graphene include BitShares, Steem, and Muse. Features and functionality that can be explored in the alpha release include publishing of contests, casting votes, and tallying contest results. TLS Encryption using the blockchain as the certificate authority has also been established for client and server communication.

“I am excited to present the alpha of our stake-weighted voting system. Although it is not yet feature complete, this version has the core components, all utilizing a live Graphene blockchain as the data store and public key infrastructure. This alpha serves not only as a demonstration of our technology, but also as the foundation for development of our more advanced anonymous, verified identity system which we will use to run a parallel election to the United States Presidential Election in November.”
– Nathan Hourt, Co-Founder & CTO – Follow My Vote

This release follows the recent crowdfunding success of Follow My Vote on Kickstarter. On July 4th, the team achieved their funding goal for their Parallel Presidential Election Experience. One of the most popular rewards offered during their Kickstarter campaign was MERITs, which are digital crypto-currency tokens. When Follow My Vote is deciding on features to build into their open-source software, they will run stake-weighted polls within the voting software to prioritize development based on market demand. These polls will be weighted in MERIT. Therefore, holders of MERIT will help set the direction of Follow My Vote’s software development.

Follow My Vote develops open-source blockchain voting software that supports early voting from mobile devices and provides immediate transparency into election results by allowing voters to independently audit the ballot box to ensure that election results are honest.

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