Alpha Technology Increases The Hashing Power Of Viper Scrypt ASIC Yet Again

Alpha Technology Increases The Hashing Power Of Viper Scrypt ASIC Yet Again

Alpha Technology has renewed their commitment to their customers by announcing yet another Perforfmance Increase!  Over the last several months, Alpha Technology has been working to bring their Viper Scrypt ASICs to market and have been keeping their customers updated every step of the way.  The new hashrates for Alpha Technology’s Viper Scrypt ASICs are as follows:

18Mh/s => Minimum 50Mh/s

90Mh/s => Minimum 250Mh/s

 A Few Changes

In order to expedite the delivery of customers’ Scrypt ASICs even more, Alpha Technology has announced a few changes to the overall design of their Viper Scrypt ASIC.  Alpha Technology has decided to make this move in response to overwhelming customer requests.  The Scrypt ASIC race has been heated in the last several months since Alpha Technology first announced their Viper Scrypt ASICs.  Previously, Alpha Technology already raised the promised hashrate on their Vipers by 6x in response to competitors entering the growing preorder market for Scrypt ASICs.  In order to emphasize speed and ROI, Alpha Technology is taking out several features of the Viper Scrypt ASIC that were previously promised:

– The Viper’s will no longer have LCD displays.

– Wi-Fi functionality will be dropped.

– WebGUI will not be included; the miners will run through a wired USB and ethernet connection fully supporting standard mining software.

Alpha Technology does not yet have the exact power consumption figures for the Viper Scrypt ASIC.  However, Alpha Technology has assured customers that power will be scaled accordingly and that they need not worry on that front.  Alpha Technology’s chips are currently at the foundry, and they will soon receive them.  Alpha Technology will post pictures and videos of hashing prototypes as soon as they are available.  As before, Alpha Technology has restated their commitment to a July 2014 ship date.

This newest upgrade to Viper hashing power completely replaces Alpha Technology’s previous plans to create a cloud mining operation for users.  Alpha Technology had previously promised customers that cloud hashing power would be provided to batch 1 customers as a way to guarantee ROI regardless of the changing environment, a very welcome promise that has now been extended further.  At the newly announced speeds, Alpha Technology’s 250 MH/s Viper Scrypt ASIC will have a competitive edge in the Scrypt ASIC race.  Scrypt ASICs are partly responsible for the recent threat of a 51% attack on Litecoin imposed by Coinotron, and the network requires more ASICs to distribute the hashing power among the world and not just in China.  Alpha Technology is preparing to do just that.

Credit Card Payments Allowed

As previously announced, Alpha Technology will be accepting credit card payments, with or without Payza.  In the next week, a new processor will take over and orders can be fulfilled with CC.  Alpha Technology chose to accept only 1/3 of the funds as preorders and require users to pay 2/3 once a shipping date was set.  Alpha Technology will be invoicing existing batch 1 customers with the remaining total to be fulfilled.  Alpha Technology is re-sending invoices so that the updated specifications are on paper and bonded as a promise.

The full text of Alpha Technology’s update release can be found here:

After long consideration, lengthy negotiations with our vendors/partners and downright demands being placed from our side in light of competitiveness within the market we have decided to further cut our profit margins and are extraordinary pleased to announce that we will be packing more hash power into your batch 1 devices (whilst scaling power accordingly so not to worry on that front):

The new hash rates are as follows:

18Mh/s => Minimum 50Mh/s

90Mh/s => Minimum 250Mh/s

This does not come with some compromise however and after taking your feedback into consideration we know that hash rate and power is your main point of concern when it comes to our miners. This is a "you can't have everything" situation: hash rate + fancy features. As a result of this decision we *are* able to upgrade your devices but as we're going more "back to basics" with the miners and the following features will have to be removed from the units to save both costs, space and speed up the manufacturing process:

- The Viper’s will no longer have LCD displays.

- Wi-Fi functionality will be dropped.

- WebGUI may not be included at launch, if so it will be patch in shortly after; in any case the miners will be able to run through a wired USB and ethernet connection fully supporting standard mining software.

As for the free cloud hashing, this will of course no longer be offered as the new hash rates make the cloud redundant for now; we currently have one of the most if not the most competitive offer on this market considering we are still on track for July with the same price.

The cloud mining operation will always have taken place after batch 1 and it is a tough undertaking with many factors needing to be hashed out. Such as building the environment (network, security, hardware, etc.), programming the interfaces, setting a real-time purchase system etc. It's not something that can be done within a day yet we do see a growing demand to give exact details out immediately. That is simply impossible to achieve at this stage, it is not something that should be underestimated and we always, without exception, only want to deliver stable and properly built products: we do not want to rush anything. We are still going to build a cloud, and paying customers may choose to start using that whenever it is ready. When the time comes, we may of course run a promotion for existing clients, especially Batch 1 clients: but we will not, at this time, make any promises on what that promotion will exactly be due to the reasons mentioned above.

As we will not be spending more time on non-essential components, and as a result also require less final manufacturing and testing time, we will still be shipping in July; even with the increased hash rates!

We will be resending invoices with the updated specs, it does not matter whether you have already paid or not; the most recent invoice will be the one that counts. Also just to calm some concerns regarding Payza and paying by credit cards, we will have a new processor up and running in around a week so if you are have any issue with Payza you may want to wait for that, if not please email [email protected] with your questions and we must reiterate the forum is not for customer service questions regarding your orders.

More specific details along with product and hashing images/videos will be provided as the chips start coming in and the product develops into the final unit.

We do hope with this decision we have done right by you and as always we will keep you posted.

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