Provenance ASIC Inc. Announces IPO and Hardware Offerings on Havelock - Cutting Edge Bitcoin and Scrypt ASICs Preparing for Fabrication

Provenance ASIC Inc. Announces IPO and Hardware Offerings on Havelock - Cutting Edge Bitcoin and Scrypt ASICs Preparing for Fabrication

The Creator platform adopts a specialized architecture, precisely implementing the specific algorithms. Additional considerations, such as use of a FD-SOI capable foundry or the latest 28nm SMIC foundry, lay the foundation for power and performance improvements across the family of proposed ASICs.

The Prospectus posted on June 6, 2014 boasts power usage numbers as low as 0.17W per GH on SHA-256 chips, and 5W per MH for Scrypt chips.

“This isn’t a simple unrolling of the algorithm,” said Roger Thorpe, Lead ASIC Designer, Advanced Architectures, “We’ve re-engineered the pipelines to streamline performance and minimize power. We expect it to set a high benchmark for future ASICs for quite some time.”

ASICs for Everyone

Product availability timelines are still undisclosed, but manufacturing preparations are already underway. Target markets include datacenters as well as consumers.

“The low power usage is certainly attractive to large mining operations,” said Dave Coleman, Founder and Lead Embedded Engineer, “but low power also allows residential customers to build significant hashing operations without rewiring their home. We’re committed to making products readily available to both demographics.”

"We’re ready to begin physical layout, and pleased to finally release product details to the Bitcoin community,” said Sylvan Newby, Founder at Provenance ASIC. Manufacturing throughput is always a concern with new Bitcoin products.

When queried about it, Dave Coleman replied,

“We’ll be able to say more about production ramp-up after we get the chips to tape-out, but multiple support platform prototypes are already in development and testing. We’ll be ready when the ASICs arrive.”

Hardware Exchange

Havelock virtual units are being made available to assist funding of the final stages of physical implementation and manufacturing. In addition, the company intends to offer virtual units that can be exchanged for actual mining hardware, or held for their dividends and exchanged at a later time. Additional investment opportunities are available to interested parties.

Founded in 2014, Provenance ASIC (Havelock “PROV”) is a collaboration of engineers, Bitcoin enthusiasts, and manufacturing experts dedicated to producing next generation mining gear for an unparalleled value in terms of $/Hash/Watt.

Provenance ASIC:

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