HashCoins New Scrypt Mining ASIC Offerings

HashCoins New Scrypt Mining ASIC Offerings

HashCoins is Now Offering New, Powerful Scrypt ASICs.

HashCoins is a company that has built its great reputation by manufacturing and selling super powerful SHA-256 Miners at a price that just might surprise you. This week, HashCoins has begun to offer three new Scrypt algorithm mining machines, or ASICs, that range from 8 MH/s, to 96 MH/s. Each of these products are available for preorder right now and will ship in approximately 2 months from right now. HashCoins offers exceptional customer service and will be there all along the way as you order and receive your shiny new miner as well as after you start mining and have any issues or encounter problems with your experience. Beat the crowd and buy now to get ahead in the order queue and get your miner first!

Here’s a little information about these new miners:

  1. HashCoins’ cheapest and smallest Scrypt ASIC offering is the Triton which mines at a blazing fast 8 MH/s in a small graphics card sized package. The miner will cost you $350 but is set to make you back that investment in about a month at today’s difficulty and price. (Litecoin mining) For this model you will need a spare PCIe slot open on your desktop to be able to use this miner similar to an external GPU would require. The miner will need a power supply for its tiny 40W power usage. This miner is for the average miner looking to buy this mining machine as a hobbyist (and to make some money).
  2. The next miner is called the Aris and it delivers a whopping 40 MH/s in a desktop sized package at only 400W. The miner is priced at $1500 and you’re looking at a ROI in only less than a month at todays calculations. This miner is simply plug and play, and you wont need any other adaptors except for a PSU to supply the power to the miner. This miner is perfect for the moderate consumer looking to get ahead in the mining industry.
  3. Last, but not least is the Notus Miner. Now this one, this one is a BEAST of a machine. Only costing you about $3600, this machine will deliver +/- 96 MH/s at 1050W of power. The ROI for this machine is extremely rapid as you’re looking at about 3 weeks for ROI mining only litecoin. This miner is made for anyone to buy and is about the size of a desktop tower laid sideways, and looks like a server box.

In conclusion, HashCoins is an exceptional, proven mining ASIC company that has proven itself in SHA-256 to provide an excellent service at an excellent price along with reliable hardware.

Be sure to check out their website at http://www.hashcoins.com/ to see their full offering of SHA-256 and Scrypt miners along with more in depth specifications, pictures, pricing, and more.

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